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Year of birth : 2005

Age: 10 years

Place of birth : Provo, Utah, USA

Citizenship : United States

Dance -rock from the Mormon capital of the world

`Neon Trees` - American alternative rock band from Provo, Utah (Provo, Utah), founded at the end of 2005. All team members are active members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints - the Mormons.

History of group `Neon Trees` full of surprises, which in many ways changed the course of its development ; so, for example, the name came to mind vocalist Tyler Glenn (Tyler Glenn), when he saw the glowing neon advertising. Soon it turned out,that the designer of this advertising was the father of another member of the group - Branden Campbell (Branden Campbell). No less interesting is the fact that by creating a group of musicians agreed that all of them terribly like muzykapopulyarnoy group `The Killers`, and it is with them, the musicians gave concerts together in the year 2008, which, incidentally ,greatly added to their popularity. Matches in the history of the group was already so much that they are no longer surprised. However, as noticed the musicians themselves, they do not believe that the word ` may sovpadenie` here - they prefer to call it the God who guides their lives.

The group was founded in 2005, in Provo, Utah ,Tyler Glenn and Chris Allen (Chris Allen), who met in California (California). Soon, the group came Elaine Bradley (Elaine Bradley) and Branden Campbell. It was this lineup the band began to give first concerts in the capital and Provo Utah - Salt Lake City (Salt Lake City). The name of the group is obliged to Tyler, who ,Walking around the city, he remarked enigmatically luminous advertising the restaurant, which, as it turned out, came up with OTC brands.

Their first collaboration was the mini-album `Becoming Different People`, which was released independently in the end of 2006. Soon after, the band has already become quite popular in his home state ,I went on a tour of America (United States). At one of the shows in Las Vegas, Nevada (Las Vegas, Nevada), with musicians he met Ronnie Vannucci Jr. (Ronnie Vannucci Jr), the drummer of the popular indie - rock band `The Killers`. The musician so liked the performance of `Neon Trees`,he soon got an invitation to a joint group tour of North America in the year 2008. It is partly joint concerts have attracted particular attention of fans, critics and producers. Just a few concerts the group ceased to be a simple ` rock band from the state of Yuta` and appeared among the most popular groups in the country. After returning from the tour, the band signed with the label `Mercury Records`, which gave them not only the studio to record a new album, but a professional contract, under which most of the year the band performed in the tour, giving concerts not only in the United States and Canada (Canada), but in Europe (Europe),Australia (Australia) and several other countries. Their first album `Habits`, released on the label in 2010, the year, quickly became popular in the United States ; most popular song `Animal` immediately after vyhda album set a record for the number of downloads from the iTunes service, and took 13 position in the chart ` Billboard Hot 100` and led the American hit-alternative rock hits.

In support of the album, the band played a few shows, and will be aired on popular programs. Critics reacted positively to the group`s work, assessing not only the sound but also the style, which was approaching the dance -rock and pop - rock. Mark Hoppus (Mark Hoppus), pop singer

-pank group `Blink-182` speakers and leading contemporary music called `Neon Trees` the best band of the week and wished them good luck.

In 2012, the band released their second album on the label - `Picture Show`. The new work has received good reviews and got to the line 17 in the charts `Billboard 200`. But many critics, in particular, the magazine `Rolling Stone`,skeptical of the work, noting that the songs are too tight, and the album did not live up to expectations

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