Neil Jackson

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Date of Birth: 05/03/1976

Age: 40

Place of birth: Luton

Citizenship: United Kingdom


Author: Pauline Chelpanova

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Actor Neil Jackson (Neil Jackson) was born in 1976 in England, he was the second of four sons of Eve and Dennis Jackson. Since childhood, the boy was fond of sports, and among his achievements the school years - numerous competitions in tennis, rugby and swimming. Prior to joining the University of Neil lived with his family in the province, after he moved to Cardiff, Wales, where he became the University of Wales Institute Cardiff student. By this time, Jackson already had the experience of playing on the stage at the Youth National Theatre, but it became still sport specialization. Here Neil retrained on the box, and even became quite successful boxer - in the national inter-university competitions won `zoloto` in mid-lightweight title. A couple of years later, he confirmed the title, but the average weight. However, as it turned out, the sport - not far from all the expectation of life of Neil Jackson. With the desire to become an actor, Nona knowing where to start, Neil wrote the musical, which was presented at the contest of young authors. The musical was soon interested in the London producers, including Michael Armstrong, director and screenwriter. Neil soon became a student of his Acting Academy, received the necessary acting skills by 2002.

Work began on the front of the camera television - Nile have played in numerous TV series, including the British belt as `Silent svidetel` (Silent Witness),` serdtsa` Heartbeat (Heartbeat) and `` show futbolnyy` mechty` Team (Dream Team).

The first work in the cinema has become a historical thriller `Aleksandr` Oliver Stone, for participation in which Jackson took a great director himself. After Jackson was playing at home again - in 2005, the actor appeared with small roles in the military thriller Colin Teague `Last vysadka` (The Last Drop) and Neil Jordan comedy` Breakfast at Plutone` (Breakfast on Pluto).

Not satisfied with only one work before the camera, the Nile again took up his pen and in 2006 wrote the thriller `The Passage`, which soon put director Mark Heller. Neal also played in the film. In the same year he also played in another thriller - `Vampires: Thirst krovi` (The Thirst) Jeremy Kasten.

His starring actor waited in 2008 - when he had a chance to work with director Christian B. Bagger when creating a short film `15-40`.

Also in 2006, Jackson was in the cast of one of the traditionally successful Bond films. Directed by Marc Forster took off his creation in six countries - Panama, Italy, England, Austria, Chile and Mexico. The episode involving the Nile filmed in Panama.

On television, Neil appeared in such series as `the CSI: Mayami` and` Detective Rash`, fantastic tape `Stargate Atlantida` and comedy project `How I Met Your mamu`.

In addition, viewers of the series `Bleyd` (Blade: The Series) remembered perfectly charming vampire Marcus van Skayvera by Jackson. It is noteworthy that Neil Jackson initially auditioned for another, lesser role in the series, but returned after the try and the role of Marcus van Skayvera. After reading it with an American accent, Neil noticed that the producers did not like it, then he repeated a passage from his native British accent. The producers were so pleased that the whole character was soon rewritten by Neil Jackson.

Among recent roles Jackson - work in the fiction of Paul McGuigan `Fifth Dimension `(Push) in 2009, a role in the TV series` Cleaner `(The Cleaner), as well as a character named Sasha Belov kicked off the family drama channel the ABC` Make It or Break` (Make It or Break It).

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