Neil Austrian

Picture of Neil Austrian

Date of Birth: 1940

Age: 75

Citizenship: United States


In 1960, Mr. Neil holds a BA from Swarthmore College. His racing career Mr. Neil R. Austrian began in 1987 when he was offered the post of Executive Director of Dillon Read & Co.

The Dillon Read & Co Neil spent a relatively short time, until 1990. During the three years of their labors Mr. Neil R. Austrian achieved excellent results in the field of business relations with international companies of different classes. The company respected for its expertise, balanced approach to business and a cold calculating mind. In 1991 he was offered the post of President of the National Football League, where he worked until 1999. During his reign, the National Football League there is a serious financial support, as a successful businessman used to implement any campaign at the highest level.

At the same time as president of the national football league Neil R. Austrian becomes (1995), a member of the directors of the company at the Alex. Brown & Sons. Here he worked until 1997, having to implement several high-profile projects. After leaving office in the Alex. Brown & Sons, Mr. Neil R. Austrian fast "relocated" to the members of the Supervisory Bankers Trust, where he was entrusted with responsible financial aspects. During his tenure at Bankers Trust well-known financier managed to "light up" in many areas, which have become the engine of the world economy. It seems that no one would be surprised if Neil R. Austrian dabbled private player in the Forex market. In general, it is likely that one of his duties in the Bankers Trust was to conduct transactions with currency, which in developed countries pass through Forex. The very same speculation it looks attractive.

In 2001, Mr. Neil R. Austrian was invited to the company`s directors members Celerity, Inc. It should be noted that Mr. Ostrianum career as a member of the Board of Directors has developed the best way possible. About 10 companies at various times been able to take advantage of the phenomenal abilities of the business man. Today Mr Ostrianum takes several senior positions, one of which is a partnership in one of the largest companies for the production of electronics DirecTV.

Whatever may be said, and career achievements of this magnitude will always spur novice businessmen and financiers.