Nathaniel Bacon

Picture of Nathaniel Bacon

Date of Birth: 02/01/1647

Age: 29

Citizenship: United Kingdom


Nathaniel Bacon (Nathaniel Bacon) was born in the 1640s in a wealthy English family. The exact date of his birth, as well as other parts of Bacon`s early life are unknown, but there is information that his father sent him to Virginia (Virginia), thereby sparing themselves and their families from the imbalance and disturb tricks Nathaniel.

Arriving at Virginia, Bacon soon became quite wealthy planter, helped him in the governor himself, who comes to his cousin, the husband of his cousin. This information, however contested by several sources.

It is known that the English colonists at that time very actively developing the land of Virginia, and as we move to the west, their relations with the natives were becoming strained. Governor of the State from which the colonists had expected assistance and help in no hurry - relative peace with the Indians was advantageous to the authorities because of the fur trade.

As a result of much debate some measure, the result of which was monopolized by Governor William Berkeley entire fur trade (Governor William Berkeley) and his entourage, while simple planters and colonists found themselves out of work have been undertaken. The Indians were thus divided into `` plohih` and horoshih`. It is noteworthy that the tax burden, which bore the simple farmers, was not an example of easier for the privileged strata of the population, which also angered Nathaniel Bacon. He opened it and accused the governor of the state government of corruption.

Soon Bacon assembled an army of volunteers, intending to fight with the Indians on their own, but the governor to recognize its authority, of course, refused. However, Bacon did not stop, and he decided to act without the approval of the governor. Berkeley in response proclaimed him a rebel, and issued an order for his arrest. Bacon answer the call for a revolt against the tyranny of the governor.

Since the uprising began in 1676, which became known as Bacon`s Rebellion (Bacon`s Rebellion).

After the siege of Jamestown (Jamestown) people Bacon managed to persuade the authorities to adopt a number of laws, including an adjustment of taxes for all.

After that Bacon and his men went to war again with the Indians. By the way, one of the laws that have forced the authorities to take Bacon, was that the captive Indians are considered slaves.

Taking advantage of the absence of the leader of the rebels, the governor tried to grab his men, but the plan failed. In response Bacon again laid siege to Jamestown. So it was a few times, and each time a detachment Bacon grew larger, and the hatred of the citizens to the Governor Berkeley increased, meanwhile, every day.

In September 1676 the first state capital was besieged once again. By the way, the citizens, wishing to protest Governor Berkeley, personally burned their homes.

October 26, 1676 Nathaniel Berkeley unexpectedly died of dysentery, thereby leaving a rebellion without a leader. Very quickly, the rebellion was suppressed, the reason for this was the mass exodus of people. Thus, the order in the state was soon restored, however, and Governor William Berkeley lost his place and was sent back to England.

Bacon`s Rebellion was a harbinger of the future movement of the North American colonies for independence.