Nathan Box

Picture of Nathan Box

Age: 7

Place of birth: Hornchurch

Citizenship: United Kingdom

hypothalamic hamartoma: Smile before a seizure

Now, seven years, Nathan Boxing, from Hornchurch (Hornchurch), breaks into a smile for a few minutes before the next attack.

Mysterious disease manifested itself a couple of years ago, and doctors initially considered the option with epilepsy. However, a series of tests eventually revealed the true causes serious ailments Box.

The boy suffered from an incredibly rare benign brain tumor, known as hypothalamic hamartoma (Hypothalamic Hamartoma).

Smile - `side effekt` disease, which manifests itself in the form of Nathan in severe seizures up to 25 times per day.

Native boy was heartbroken when UK health service refused to fund the operation, aimed at curing cancer in the United States.

Nathan`s mother, 34-year-old Susan, said: `Failure just broke our hearts, because we know that there is treatment and that this treatment - rabochee`.

`I spoke to several families whose children have been treated in the United States, and found that these children are free from seizures and went back to normal zhizni`.

`We will do everything that we can to raise the necessary funds. However, it will be a big problem, since we are talking about a huge summe`.

Susan continued, `The other option for us - to wait until the necessary equipment for the operation will come to the UK. However, no one knows when it sluchitsya`.

Nathan was a healthy boy, while in 2014 its mysterious disease is manifested in the form of terrible and exhausting attacks.

After about epilepsy assumption was noted doctors diagnosed hamartoma hypothalamic disease, occurring in just a few children in the UK.

Doctors were baffled to find that the patient is no longer at the time suffering from cramps when cold.

The boy goes to school, because of what his parents finding tsya in constant tension and anxiety. Once Nathan is already `raskolol` his chin as a result of the next attack.

Recently, a boy diagnosed with autism, attention span deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and oppositional defiant disorder (IAD). All three states of doctors associated with the presence of hypothalamic hamartomas Box.

To move around the school, the boy now has to use a wheelchair.

Family Nathan had hoped to learn about the specialized procedure - laser ablation, which is held in the United States and is able to cure the disease the boy.

A team of experts from the world-famous Children`s Hospital at Great Ormond Street even flew to Texas (Texas), to observe how the innovative treatment cost & # 163; 100,000.

British doctors have been amazed at the results. They saw with their own eyes, how to effectively `sgoraet` tumor in the brain.

However, the British authorities have refused to finance the operation of Boxing.

Currently, the patient is forced to `sidet` medications to relieve symptoms that do not themselves never disappear from his life.

Nathan`s father, 33-year-old James, said: `In the worst case, our son can umeret`.

`In the United States a few deaths recorded. Children fell, hit his head, and this led to brain krovotecheniyu`.

`We are simply upset by the realization that our boy could receive treatment and return to normal life, but it does not happen. It can be a normal kid, chase a ball with friends and enjoy your detstvom`.

`From the Children`s Hospital team at Great Ormond Street also remained extremely disappointed. They put a lot of effort to get things off the ground, and only in order to get otkaz`.

`If ??Nathan does not pass treatment, medical service have to spend a lot of money on preparations for the next few years. We just do not see in all this no smysla`.

The representative of the Children`s Hospital at Great Ormond Street, said: `hypothalamic hamartoma - very rare, complex neurological condition. The group of experts from our hospital works closely with Nathan and his family, to provide a permanent patient specialized medical pomoschSemya trying to raise money to fund life-saving procedures Nathan in the United States.

Anyone who wants to make a donation can do so at JustGiving resource.

What is hypothalamic hamartoma?

Hypothalamic hamartoma - a small, benign brain tumor, causing seizures, behavioral problems, memory loss and disorientation.

Presumably, the disease occurs in one person out of a million.

Hypothalamic hamartomas are often difficult to diagnose and even harder to treat.

Some symptoms of the victims are observed so infrequently or in such a small form that neither the parents nor the medical professionals do not find any reason for concern.

However, most patients with hypothalamic hamartoma most common symptoms are frequent daily attacks, accompanied by spontaneous laugh, giggle or cry or bubbling.

Some have significant difficulties in managing anger outbursts and aggressive tendencies; many children with hypothalamic hamartoma observed oppositional defiant disorder.

outbursts of anger often caused by activation of the hypothalamus. Sometimes patients do not remember a fit of rage after an attack takes place.

hypothalamic hamartoma treated with surgery or antiepileptic medications.