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Date of Birth: 07/07/1976

Age: 31

Place of birth: Berdfordshir

Citizenship: United Kingdom

Warning: cocaine

Author: Pauline Chelpanova

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Born Natasha Louise Collins (Natasha Louise Collins) in 1976 in the British county Berdfordshir (Luton, Bedfordshire, England). She grew beautiful, dreaming of a great future actress, and during his studies at St. School Michael`s Catholic Grammar School in Finchley (Finchley, north London) has already started to work as a model. Introducing her agency - Ugly Rage Models - worked with her for many years, until the death of Natasha.

For the first time on television, she appeared in the children`s show `See It, Saw It`, but we know that it is not too flattering to be the heroine of programs for children, and Collins was torn in` vzroslye` show. So, soon the adult audience and viewers could see the beautiful Natasha in the show `The Tenth Kingdom`, and then in the` Real Women`.

On BBC she flashed a small cameo role in `999 Lifesavers` and again the children`s TV series `Chucklevision`, where she played a Spanish princess.

The actress was lucky in 2001 - it selected for the lead role in the show Channel 4 `Hollyoaks`, however, unlucky girl enjoying success does not last long - the same day she managed to get into a car accident, barely got out and lay in a coma for a long time. When zheNatasha regained consciousness, the role, of course, could no longer remember. In general, it filmography limited to only four pictures, and most of all it is recognized as a heroine of the children`s show. her model career, however, continued relatively stable.

By 2005 th Collins betrothed with her boyfriend, the famous television persona Mark Speight (Mark Speight); Engagement was held in Barbados (Barbados).

January 3, 2008 to the house where Natasha lived and Mark, the police arrived. As a result of the inspection it was found the body of Natasha Collins. She was in the bathroom ibyla dead. Marc was immediately arrested as the prime suspect, but later investigation concluded that the cause of death of the actress became depressing accident. Thus, Natasha, as it turned out, allowed herself to cocaine, and in the evening just after a dose of cocaine she decided to take a hot bath, which led to death.

In despair at the death of a ridiculous lover, Mark still could not get over it, plunging ever deeper into a depression. As a result, three months after Natasha`s death, he hanged himself. In his suicide note, Mark wrote that he was not able to survive the death of Natasha.

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