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Citizenship: Russia

Fear and curiosity always go together

SOON Natalia will compete already at a global level. In America, on the line - $ 1 million.. Claim it will be the most powerful psychics in the world. Vorotnikov - psychic in the sixth generation. After graduating from medical school, he worked in the intensive care unit operational. She studied spirituality in the International Academy of Human Development.

People - like books

- Natalya, if you really see through people, I can assume that others are afraid of you and your friends get you a problem ...

- Fear and curiosity always go together. Since my childhood I constantly frightened of others in different dire predictions. The fact that negative information is more pronounced and easier to read. After the prediction came true, people at first pass me by, but after all the same starts to pull. Curiosity - one of the engines of mankind.

To build any relationship it`s really hard. Once a person becomes an open book to you, it is frankly boring. I`m not smarter, not better or stronger than others. I just have a way to obtain such private information thousands of times shorter.

- Do you often have to hide from the people information that you perceive?

- Constantly. As a child, I voiced no filtering, all that I see. I thought, this will help people. Once, when I was in third grade, I was in two days predicted earthquake. And when it really happened, neighbors and classmates began to shy away from me. In general, after a couple of times I "beat", I quickly learned to keep the information to themselves.

- And in a crowd, you can read information from others?

- I can, but no sensible psychic will never be switched to the maximum with a large gathering of people. Streams and various scraps of information can overwhelm and devastate energy.

According to my personal observations, approximately 80% of our society badly disrupted energy exchange. As a consequence - some are pronounced energodonorami others - energovampirami. From this mass of physiological and mental problems. The main part of Russians does not follow any of its domestic or for external condition. Onoi clear: the work on the other - the most difficult in the world. And we are accustomed to expect either to chance or to someone who is a wave of a magic wand can solve our problems. This mentality creates a huge number of quacks in the profession.

70% - charlatans!

- By the way, how to distinguish between a rogue from the real psychic?

- It must be understood at once that of those who offer their services in the market, about 70% - the usual charlatans. To get them on the hook, sometimes quite elementary care. Listen to your intuition and do not blindly believe everything they say. A true professional will never promise you instant results and fantastic change. Miracles, unfortunately, does not happen. Psychic helps a person to run the internal reserves of the body and psyche. With the help of information from the past and the future helps to understand the problems of life. For mysticism is irrelevant. Psychic abilities - a talent like any other. The musician works with sounds and psychic - with energy and information. That`s all the difference.

- Could you for our readers to look into the future and say who will be the next president and that generally awaits our country in 2008?

- I see the next president, but I think that to call his name very correctly. I can say that this is not Putin. I may disappoint fans of fried facts and predictions, but no defaults, terrorist attacks and shocks I can not see in 2008.

Expert Opinion

- To the study of psychic I was involved from the Soviet era and based on my experience I can firmly say that Natalya Vorotnikov - a very powerful psychic with a positive direction - says Dr. med. Sciences, Forensic Psychiatrist, Department Head spetsissledovany Mikhail Vinogradov.

- Do Vorotnikova well developed all three of the known areas of psychic

- Bio-energy (healing), clairvoyance (prediction of the future) and clairgnosis (assessment of present and past). To assert that I can on the basis of both his own observations and experiments, and analyzing laboratory research colleagues.