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Russian doll of Australia

Author: Oleg Sulkin

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- How charming Russian girl has brought to Australia?

- A miracle. I got there more than ten years ago as a translator in the International Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic. And as Hobart, capital of Tasmania - the nearest place to the Antarctic after Argentina, there is the headquarters of the organization. I translated into Russian and French.

- Generally speaking, do you come from?

- I`m from St. Petersburg. My parents are both architects, the grandmother was a singer. When I was 16, I played in the French film on the novel by Blaise Cendrars, who was shot in St. Petersburg. A small but challenging role. I played the anarchist time of the 1905 revolution. The actress was ill, they had to urgently find a girl who spoke in French. I was lucky: my friend`s mother was an assistant director.

- Chain of happy coincidences ...

- Yes Yes. Although I enjoyed playing badly, I do not think that I would be an actress. She studied at the Faculty of Philology of the University, taught French, Hungarian and Finnish. Why such a strange set? We have relatives in Finland, as a child I lived there kakoe-to time. A Hungarian - because the same Finno-Ugric language group. University I graduated and moved to Australia.

- Fly across the continents, on the edge of the world, requires an explanation ...

- It`s very simple: I married an Australian. In Moscow. It has no relation to the film. I met at a party at the Philology of Moscow State University. He taught Russian language. I arrived in Brisbane, then worked a year in Hobart, in the Commission on Antarctica. Received drama school, moved to Sydney. Three years studied, I graduated. She starred in several television series, in particular, in the very popular Sea Change. I play in theaters Sydney and Melbourne, including "The Caucasian Chalk Circle", Chekhov`s plays.

In the film, Katie, heroine Natalia Novikova, hard Russian accent. In life, it is not. In English Natasha speaks freely and gently. The actress begged me not to tell the story "Russian dolls". Respecting her wishes, step on the throat kinokriticheskoy song and only slightly parted curtain of the story.

Katya prescribed in Australia as "mail order brides". She comes from St. Petersburg to a distant hot country, in the city of Sydney, in a luxurious fur coat, with a huge suitcase in the mysterious dark glasses. We reached the house on the note where it should wait "mail bride". But the bride did not wait for the wedding night. He is dead. Kate rushes into confusion in the cooling corpse.

In parallel, untwisted line of two friends - Harvey and Ethan. The first - to doubt everything neurotic, by profession - a private detective, who hired to monitor spouses jealous husbands and wives. He is unhappy and wants to write a book. The second - is quite happy in a marriage book publisher, is a model for the Harvey family honor and happiness.

But on the horizon there is a fun and whimsical Russian doll, in which all, as they say on the spot, Australian friends have to deal with a difficult combination. The fact that Kate desperately need to get married, otherwise it will be sent out of the country ... But, wait, I promised not to talk about the main intrigue.

- Natasha in the film juicy and colorful shows the clash of cultures - Western and Russian, or rather, in the second case, a mixture of Russian and Jewish cultures. The nature of your sparkling character, poluyazychesky. She brings a fresh life of Australians almost gypsy riot. When the doll is part of a Harvey House, everything starts to go shake. Who came up with this image of daredevils?

- He created, without much effort. I knew girls like Kate. Much of her character is and in my. But Kate is different from me. I do not wear such short skirts, I wear now is not (laughs). I have now a different image.

- In Australia, there is a theme of Russian cinema?

- "Russian doll" - the first film on the subject. Although the Russian in the country very much, especially in Sydney.

- I remember that during a trip to Australia in the late 80`s we were taken to Bondi Beach, the center of the Russian-speaking community, a kind of Australian Brighton Beach.

- He still remains the center. There is a joke that the Russian first of the foreigners came to Australia in the 16th century, but they were assimilated by the natives (laughs).

- Do you consider yourself part of the Russian community?

- I live aloof. When arrived in Tasmania, it was almost in isolation. Russian on the island is very small. And in the theater school time for anything besides school just was not there. For the first time a large number of Russian faced on the set of "Russian dolls" when one of the crowd scenes invited more than a hundred Russian-speaking immigrants.

And so the film was conceived. Producer Allan Zitserman met with director Stravrosom Kazantsidisom French Film Festival in Sydney in 1998. They have four arms and napisalistsenary "Russian dolls". And at Kazantsidisa project was a film about a private detective, and had the idea Zitserman history of Russian Jews living in the area of ??Bondi Beach. Australia has already filmed on the Greek and Italian immigrants, but for the Russian theme nobody has undertook.

Zitserman, who was born in Kharkov, and ranked in Australia in early childhood, Kazantsidisa persuaded to come to the 75th anniversary of her grandfather. These things happen in the event at the "Russian roulette" at Bondi. Zitserman: "I wanted so much to it (Kazantsidis) felt this unique world, the atmosphere of this place, where they play the fiery music and all, regardless of age, dance and eat a lot."

Kazantsidis convinced that Russian Jews and Greeks (his ancestors) are very similar: "Both culture focused on the abundant food on the expressive self-expression, emotional perception of the world and the range of their own guilt of all mortal sins."

It merged the two projects: a private detective and Russian emigrant. The first version of the script was completed in April 1999. On the role of the detective Kazantsidis invited his old friend the actor Hugo Weaving (Hugo Weaving). It is famous throughout the world picture "The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert" and "The Matrix." Weaving`s Agent offered the role of Ethan David Uenema (David Wenham), also known Australian actor. It remained to find a performer of the role of Katie. Here Natalia Novikova again lucky: after an intensive search of its "calculated" in Melbourne, where she played in the theater.

Filming began in September 1999 and lasted four weeks. Particularly hard were given massive stage - a modest budget film did not allow for a long time to rehearse. Filmed almost with wheels. Kazantsidis recalls with a smile wedding scene (someone with whom - I will not say), for which invited 120 Russian extras aged 5 to 95 years. "Before, they never filmed, dressed up in an Easter dress, lady jingled diamonds - says Kazantsidis. - It was a terrible heat, the air conditioning did not work. People are crammed much more, because the guest brought with them friends and relatives. Many of them did not speak -English, did not obey the command to keep quiet and do not take into edible mouth, put up on the table, despite the fact that they were warned: all dishes are treated with chemicals so that they are not rotten. "

I had to run the chain of command creators and businesses, getting the money to complete the film. Life jacket appeared in the image of Gary Hamilton, CEO of Beyond Films. Hamilton liked the footage, and he persuaded the state financial kinokorporatsiyu give money for the project.

- Natasha, tell us about the actors with whom you worked ...

- Hugo Weaving plays usually mystical, negative characters. In fact, he is kind and friendly people. David Uenem - too cheerful and sociable. He plays my lover. We are with him starring in the television series Sea Change, where his character is so irresistible that all women in Australia to dry on it.

- And you?

- I`m not (laughs).

- Tell me, in Australia is difficult to break into the movies and on TV?

- I think it is easier than in America. Less competition. As they say, more oxygen.

- Is there a new job after the "Russian dolls"?

- She starred in the Australian television film. It`s a comedy, and I play another Russian named Katya. This time, she is from the Russian mafia. Very cool.

- Here it is, choice of roles for Russian actors in the West - the bride on a call, mafia, gangster, prostitute. And what about the Russian mafia, a lot of talk in Australia?

- No, probably not as much as in America. Among the most high-profile news - someone stole a video store at Bondi. They have taken away all the tapes.

- This, of course, very large-scale crime that pain will respond in many video stores Brighton ... Natasha, and when you come to Russia, do you feel Australian?

- We`ll have to admit - yes. My parents live in St. Petersburg. But look a foreigner I have already appeared. They used to say: New York - a city of contrasts. When I come to Russia, I can see the contrasts, seeing the poor children and the elderly. Earlier, in the words of Churchill, it was socialism - the equal distribution of misery, and now capitalism - the unequal distribution of wealth.

- How do your parents live?

- They are pensioners. Survive.

- They came to visit you in Australia?

- No. I, as an actor, there is no permanent housing.

- Roam?

- While I like a gypsy life.

- A permanent camp you have?

- There is. In Melbourne.

- Maybe, after the American premiere of "Russian dolls" will want pokochevat the expanses of New Yorkschiny and Arizonschiny?

- While no specific plans. I would just like to work actress, no matter where. Communicate with nice people.