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Date of Birth: 09/06/1981

Age: 35

Place of Birth: Jerusalem

Citizenship: Israel

An intellectual from Hollywood

Author: Andrew Puminov

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The Early Years

Natalie Portman (real name Hershlag) was born on June 9, 1981 in Jerusalem. Her father, a well-known professor and scientific figure, is engaged in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility treatment. His mother took over the responsibilities of Natalie agent. According to the actress, during the Second World War, her great-grandmother was a spy acting on the side of Great Britain.

When Natalie was three years old, Hershlagov family moved to the United States. they lived in the capital, where the girl attended a Jewish school for some time. In 1988 they moved to Connecticut, and two years later finally settled on Long Island. Here, the future actress went to high school Syosset.

As a child, Natalie was fond of dancing, and spent their holidays in the theater camp. She dreamed of becoming an actress, although her teachers predicted a great future in the field of science. In an interview, Portman said that she was not like all children. She knew what she wanted and how to achieve it. It was a serious child. Not argue with that when you consider that in 1998, Natalie was the co-author of research on the topic `Enzymatic production vodoroda`. With this work, she participated in a scientific competition `Intel`, where she managed to reach the semifinals.

However, the priority for Portman was a movie in which she began to appear regularly since 1994. That year she made her debut - she played a small role in the TV show `Nina Razvitie`. Soon Luc Besson invited Natalie to the lead female role in the film `Leon` (1994). Matilda Girl performed by 13-year-old Portman has caused great excitement among the critics, and the film subsequently received a cult status. Film debut took place.

It was hard not to notice Portman, for her acting skills impressed. actress Career sharply went up the hill. In 1995, she played in the film `Shvatka` with Robert De Niro and Al Pacino, and in 1996 appeared in three films: the melodrama` Beautiful devushki`, musical `Everyone says I love tebya` and fantastic comedy` Mars atakuet` . In addition, Natalie lit up in the theater, playing a major role in the production of `The Diary of Anne Frank` (1997).

World fame

Despite advances in the movie, Natalie Portman has remained virtually unknown until the release of fantastic paintings `Star Wars. Episode I: The Phantom ugroza` (1999). The role of Queen Amidala brought the actress immense popularity and success of the first. And though critics were skeptical of this work, the film won the sympathy of viewers, grossed a record $ 924 million dollars.

In the same year, Portman received her first nomination for `Golden globus` for supporting actress in a dramatic film `Anywhere but not zdes` (1999). Critics have called the actress `izumitelnoy` and noted that it is not characteristic of the excessive sentimentality inherent in the girls her age. After a year of work in the film `Where serdtse` (2000) she won the award` Young Star Awards`.

In 2001, Natalie Portman, surprising many, was admitted to Harvard University, where he began to study psychology. She said she wanted to concentrate on their studies and at the time of the movie cast, except for shooting in `Star voynah`. Natalie explained his position by the fact that it is better to be educated than a movie star, and she is not concerned that the university could destroy her career.

In film circles the decision to continue their education Portman received with admiration, because few actors are willing to sacrifice their careers for the sake of study. However, in Natalie`s career is not affected. In addition to filming the movie `Star Wars. Episode II: Attack of klonov`, which was released in 2002, she took part in the play `Chayka`, playing the role of Nina. Meeting with the director of this production - Mike Nichols - played a big role in the life of the actress.

The legendary Mike Nichols, the creator of the acclaimed film `` Vypusknik` and Who`s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? `, Natalie saw great potential and invited her to play the main role in his new project `Blizost` (2004). This picture was a turning point in the career of the actress. She was nominated for a BAFTA Award and Oscar `and `` Golden globus` received. Finally, Portman has proved that it has a deep dramatic flair.

In 2005, the premiere of the movie `Star Wars. Episode III: Revenge of the sithov`. This part has been accepted by critics kinofranshizy much warmer than the rest, and Natalie was awarded a nomination for the award `Saturn`. This was followed by the films `V - means vendetta` (2005),` Goyi` Ghosts (2006), `One of a kind Boleyn` (2008), that secured success in Hollywood Portman.

In 2008, Natalie presented at the Venice Film Festival his directorial debut - short films `Eva`. The film was greeted warmly, though not caused much interest. But the main role in the psychological drama `Black lebed` (2010) became a real breakthrough actress in cinema. The role of a ballerina suffering from mental disorders, Portman was played brilliantly and earned her many awards. Among them - the long-awaited Golden globus` `and` Oscar `.

After the romantic comedy `More than seks` (2011), the actress returned to dramatic works, playing a major role in the fantasy film` Tor` (2011). Contrary to the expectations of critics, the picture came out successful and earned a good cashier. And soon it was a sequel stories` Thor 2: The Kingdom of tmy` (2013). In 2015, it is expected to yield two films with the participation Portman: `Jane takes ruzhe` and `Geneks`.


Natalie Portman does not like to talk about my personal life, but if the relationship is sure, then do not see any reason to hide them. It is known that the actress met with the actors Jake Gyllenhaal and Gael Garcia Bernal. It is also rumored that Portman had a relationship with the leader of the group `Maroon 5` Adam Levine, but the musician said that they are just friends.

Some time Portman met with Venezuelan singer Devendra Banhart, but they broke up in 2008. About his personal life the actress knew nothing two years, and that in 2010 there was a rumor that on the film `Black lebed` she began a relationship with a ballet dancer, a French-born Benjamin Millepied. At the end of the year Natalie and Benjamin officially confirmed that engaged. In June 2011, the couple had a son, Aleph, and soon they were married.

Natalie Portman convinced vegetarian, protects the environment and animal rights, does not wear feathers, fur and skin. Several times she visited the Central American country as an ambassador of the organization `FINCA International`, helping low-income citizens to obtain loans for their own business. Additionally, Portman is engaged in teaching and research activities. She is one of the few actresses who can afford to do something like that.

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