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Date of Birth: 07/06/1948

Age: 68

Birth Place: Ayr

Citizenship: France


Author: Alexei Bulatov

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Natalie Marie Andre Bai was born July 6, 1948-the first in one of the departments in the region Haute-Normandie, Eure, north of France. Her parents, Claude and Denise Kuste Bai, were both artists.

In 14 years, Natalie joined the dance school in Monaco, and three years later went to the United States to see a new world and a new culture, and, of course, to conquer New York. Dancer Natalie departure for a country with a dance group, returned to France, she began studying acting masterstvuna courses Rene Simon and entered the conservatory. She graduated from it in 1972, and played her first role in `zvezdnuyu` dramedii Francois Truffaut` American noch`, but not the first in his career (in the background was the experience in the United States in Robert Wise `Dvoe`). Throughout the 1970s, the actress played continuously, the good girl-friends, the dear provincials, both in film and on television.

Natalie became one of the most popular and well-known French actresses. Four years of the novel Bai Johnny Halliday turned them into the most enviable pair of celebrities and their daughter Laura Smet also became an actress. Dramatically changing the image, playing a prostitute in `Donoschike`, the actress has continued to push the boundaries of his acting roles films` I married ten` and `Holy nevinnost`. In 1999, she won a Best Actress nomination for `rol` per game in the film Frederic Fontaine` Pornographic svyaz` at the Venice Film Festival, and in 2000 starred in several award-winning film by Tony Marshall`s `` Beauty Venera`.

Since 2002, Nathalie many times collaborated with directors Claude Chabrol and Steven Spielberg, remaining the busiest and most popular actress in France, like in the movies and on television, and the theater platform.

Among recent paintings featuring Bai worth noting projects such as `A client of French Gigolo` `No sex - no money` `Person` dramediya director from Malaysia named Tsai Ming-Liang and the French drama by Pierre Salvadori `` Comprehensive care.

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