Natalia Zaschipina

Picture of Natalia Zaschipina

Date of Birth: 01/14/1939

Age: 77

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia


Children`s role in the movie

Childhood Zaschipinoy Natasha had on during the war. Her mother worked in concert brigade and went on hospitals, and still quite tiny Natasha took with him, not wanting anyone to leave your child for a long time.

At the age of four on Natasha he drew attention to the director of the film "Once there was a girl," and invited her to appear. The girl played the role of Katya - blokadnitsy small, staunchly transferring an equal footing with adults all the hardships of war.

A year later, in 1945, Natasha starred as Lidochka in the children`s film Ilya Freza "The Elephant and the rope". Partner was a famous young actress Faina Ranevskaya, who named the girl "living miracle".

Ranevskaya told: "At first I was afraid for Natasha, all the actors are afraid igrats children: they do not play, and live, so believe in what is happening, that expose any actor that such a belief is not found.

Suddenly, we became friends. Maybe because I do not know how to lisp and spoke with Natasha as an adult. And she was six! Scarce! ... It came to me in the dressing room and watched how I apply make-up.

- Are you interested to play my grandmother? - I asked.

- Interesting.

- Do you love me already? - She asked again when I pulled the wig.

- I`ll always love - I said. "

In 1949, Natasha starred in two films - in the children`s film Ilya Freza "grader" and the drama of Alexander and Vladimir Faintsimmer Legoshin "They have a homeland" (the same name by Sergei Mikhalkov`s play ").

In the painting "They have a homeland" Natasha again had a chance to play with Faina Ranevskaya. The film tells about how Soviet intelligence, having found in West Germany was under the supervision of British Intelligence orphanage from Soviet children, seeking the return of children to their homeland. G. Faina responded very negatively about the film: "... when I talk about Mikhalkovskaya shit, I mean one thing: if he knew that all the children who have made this film after returning home, a direct course were sent to labor camps and colonies? If you know the thirty pieces of silver did not burn his hands? "


The work in the film "Once there was a girl," "The Elephant and the rope", "grader" made Natasha famous throughout the Soviet Union. Talented girl had taken off, but she Natasha could not think of another profession. In 1954 she enrolled in the acting department of the VGIK, where she graduated in 1961.

She starred in several films - the children`s adventure film "Children of the guerrilla" (1954), this tale of youth "Vanya" (1958), melodrama Tatiana Lioznova "Evdokia" (1961).

After the movie "Evdokia" Natalia Zaschipina was adopted in Moskovka theater "Satire", where he works to this day. Since then she has starred in the movie only twice - in 1975 she appeared in two comedies, "Mayakovsky Laughs" and "That we do not pass."

In addition to working in the theater Natalia pretty much engaged in dubbing cartoons ( "Chip `n Dale Rescue Rangers"), movies and TV shows ( "Twin Peaks").