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Birthplace: Novosibirsk

Citizenship: Russia


Meeting with Alexei Serov

Natalia Yakupov was born and grew up in Novosibirsk. In 1989 she entered the Leningrad State Institute of Theatre, Music and Cinematography (LGITMiK) in the theater department. In parallel with her directorial course studied Alexei Serov. And although they are often encountered in the corridors of the university, meet them at the time and was not able to.

In 1993, Natalia graduated LGITMiK, and was invited to work in Riga Dramatic Theatre. Before leaving for Riga, Natalia decided to stay a little from their parents in Novosibirsk.

Just at this time, Alexei Serov was invited to Novosibirsk Drama Theatre "Red Torch" as chief director. More are in St. Petersburg, he frantically searched the young actress for the lead role in his first performance Novosibirsk - "Talents and Admirers" AN Ostrovsky. When I heard about Natalia, he called her and asked to wait for him in Novosibirsk.

When Alex and Natalie met, both immediately recognized each other. So she chose to Riga Novosibirsk, becoming an actress Theater "Red Torch". A few months later Alex made Natalya an offer to become his wife. The wedding took place on November 15, 1994 A few years later, the couple had a daughter, Masha.

Theatre. From Novosibirsk to Volgograd

After working in Novosibirsk, Natalya Yakupov with Alexei Serov decided to return to St. Petersburg. A few years Natalya played in the Theater of Satire on Vasilevsky Island, and in the theater "Shelter comedian". Viewers will remember her for her roles in Elizabeth Pavlovna`s production of "Honey, I can not hear what you say, when in the bathroom techetvoda, or talk with the artist as an artist," and Nina in the play by Arbuzov "My feast for the eyes."

In 2003, the couple moved to Volgograd. There Alexei Serov became the artistic director of the Volgograd Youth Theatre, and Natalia - one of the leading actresses of the theater. It currently plays in the performances: "descendant" (Anastasia), "These free butterflies" (Jill), "Another Jackson my wife" (Dorothy Dabney).


She starred in TV series "Streets of Broken Lamps", "National Security Agent", "The Age of the Horse Guards."

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