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Place of birth: Gorodets

Citizenship: Russia


The winner of the Prize. Marina Shuko role Peck in the comedy "Midsummer Night`s Dream"

The winner of the Prize. Marina Shuko role of Anne Frank in the drama "The Diary of Anne"


Natalia Vorobiev was born in the city of Gorodets Gorki region. From an early age Natasha imagined herself an actress. She loved to dress up, be painted and walk around the apartment, both on the podium. "An actress!" - Laughing, looking at her relatives.

By the 7th class Natasha suddenly ceased to grow. On the girl stopped paying attention to the surrounding guys. It is understandable - the boys like tall and beautiful girls. So when Natalia said that after graduating from high school is going to go to Moscow to enter a theater school, it caused her mother bewilderment: "Natasha, well, you look at yourself! ! No growth, no appearance .. "" I`m still going to actress! "- Replied the girl.


After school, Natalia Vorobiev went to Moscow. But already in the first of theater schools she endured a disappointing verdict - this growth (1 m 47 cm), and it looks nothing to do in the theater. Well, except that, in the Youth Theatre ...

It turned out that a special course actors Spectators only in St. Petersburg Professor Zinovy ??Yakovlevich Korogodskii. Natalia immediately went there. Kogorodskomu girl liked. "Come in two years, I will have set, I will take," - he said.

Natalia did not waste time and again tried to enter any of the theater schools of the capital. But everywhere I am waiting for her refusal. But the Moscow Pedagogical Institute, the faculty of physics and astronomy, it took the first time.

Two years Natalia "nibbled" granite science, at the same time engaging in a drama school at the institute, and dreamed that kogda-nibud still come to this stage. Her perseverance was rewarded. At the appointed time, he again came to St. Petersburg and entered the LGITMiK on Z.Ya. course Korogodskii.


As a student, Natalia Vorobiev married a guy from Vologda. This later strongly influenced her fate. In Vologda, she happened to visit the theater performances for children and young people, led by Boris Alexandrovich pomegranate. Then she lit up a dream to work from this director.

Meanwhile, Natalia graduated LGITMiK and she joined the "Theatre of fairy tales on the Neva." But here she had to play the role of the second plan, so when my husband suggested that she go to Vologda, she gladly accepted.

In the Vologda Theatre Natalia Vorobyeva had a chance to play several prominent roles, including: Juliet ( "Romeo and Juliet" by William Shakespeare), Tiny ( "Thumbelina"), Joe ( "A Taste of Honey" S. Delaney), Gerda ( "The Snow Queen" E. Schwartz).


In 1991, her friend Natalia was invited to audition for the film directed by George Kevorkova "For whom prison is crying." In this role, the actress is not reached, but advised the director to view Vorobiev. Natalia the news perceived with skepticism. Where it - with the growth of her ?! And for good reason. Little actress growth came in handy.

According to the script of the film ushlaya couple Gia and Masha came up with how to enrich themselves at the expense of airplane passengers. Gia handed over in luggage suitcase in which Mary was hiding. At the right moment she got out and clean out belongings of passengers.

Natalia Vorobiev happy plunged into the atmosphere of shooting. Very soon she learned to confidently stand in front of the camera, not to talk with a partner, and the camera work and take after take. I worked enthusiastically and full dedication, for which he was rewarded. The picture turned out the light and cheerful.

Drama Theatre

A few years Natalia Vorobiev worked in the Vologda Youth Theatre and then, in 1998, moved to Vologda Drama Theatre. Here her skills to the next level. On the stage of drama theater it created interesting images, different psychological depth and completeness. Among roles: Nina Nina ( "The Seagull" - Anton Chekhov), Khimki ( "Balzaminov, Impatiens! .." - A. Ostrovsky), Hesya ( "Moral Pani Dulskoy" - G. Zapolskaya), Sasha ( "Area circle "- V. Kataev), Peck (" Midsummer night`s Dream "- William Shakespeare), Martirio (" The House of Bernarda Alba "- F. G.Lorka) and others.

For his work Natalia Vorobiev he was repeatedly awarded them the prize of theater. Marina Shuko.

In addition to working in the Drama actress also teaches acting at the studio school of dramatic art.


1991 For whom prison is crying ...

1993 Fall

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