Natalia Velichko

Picture of Natalia Velichko

Date of Birth: 05/04/1941

Age: 75

Place of birth: Frunze

Citizenship: Russia


She graduated from the Moscow School of choir conductor (1961), VGIK (1965, acting workshop Yu Genik and Shishkov, 1972 - directing workshop of A. Stolper).

In the movie - since 1963. Actress actor theater-studio since 1965. The main roles in the film: "I am his bride" (Val), "Georgy Sedov", "Diamond Trail". The role in this tale adventure "Diamond Trail" was the last major work of Natalia Velichko in the movie. Since the beginning of the 80s the actress practically ceased to appear.

In 1983 Natalya Velichko has acted as a director, removing the tragic melodrama "The Hurricane comes unexpectedly."

In 80th - 90th years acted rarely and only in small roles.