Natalia Ungard

Picture of Natalia Ungard

Date of Birth: 02/01/1965

Age: 51

Place of Birth: Kishinev

Citizenship: Russia


Author: Igor BIN

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Ungard Natalia was born and raised in Moldova. "I was born under the sun of Moldova, - says Natalia, - looking at the world through the grape leaves and breathe the salty wind Black Sea coast. ... Thanks to the blooming edge I have written in the passport that I was a Moldovan. "


In 1986, Natalia graduated from the WTU Ungard them. B. V.Schukina, where she studied in the studio of M. R. Ter-Zakharova. Playing in the Moscow New Drama Theatre. Among e Rabten - roles in "The Bald Soprano" (Mrs. Smith), "Professionals victory" (mother of Vladimir), "Time to deliver" (bomzhiha-noble Seraphim Genrichovna), "The Steadfast Tin Soldier" (Doll), "Cat House "(cat) and OE

In addition, Natalia Ungard collaborates with other theaters. The actress has played in productions of the Theatre Company SARD ( "Widows" - first widow), Theatrical House Old Arbat ( "Not all cat Shrovetide" - Theon), MDT "The Practice" ( "Marmalade" - Regina), Theater of Drama and Comedy " Theatron "the Moscow Jewish Community Center (" Slick Toddy "- Grandma Leah), and others.

Natalia Ungard lot and successfully works on television, performing Distinguishing roles in various programs: "Two blondes against dirt" on TNT (Paparazzi), "Rendezvous with dowry" on MTV (mom Ira), "Detectives" on ORT (neighbor Korytina, Pauline Shcherbakova), "to understand and forgive" on ORT (Olga), "federal judge" on ORT (the mistress of a jewelry store), "Ha" on RTR (the mother of a boxer).

The actress has repeatedly participated in the television magazine "wick", which appeared in a variety of images: Director of the Bank, a journalist, a nurse assistant at the actors, scout Sinitsyn, tartan, a professional beggar, head teacher at an elite school, the wife of a policeman, director DEZa, Tymoshenko .


Natalia Ungard much in films. On the screen it usually creates images of women energetic, sometimes controversial and intrusive. Viewers will remember her heroines in the series: "Soldiers" (retsidivistka "Plum"), "Club" (Meatball-millionaire), "Taxi driver 2" (Fisk from the village Chugunovka), "Attorney-3 `(the director of the company Svetlana Purygin) "putejtsy-2" (Evdokia), and others.

The most famous work of the actress on the screen, of course, was her love Kirillovna Gushina in the popular youth series "Ranetki". The heroine Natalia Ungard appeared in the third season of the series and the TV audience literally exploded. Gushina absolutely unscrupulous, cynical, but terribly charming. Due to this some viewers this character outraged to the depths, others sympathize with her. The actress in an interview, admitted: "I hoped so. I immediately liked the character, I realized that he was not indifferent to leave, this woman simply stepped out of life. My partner Vic, scripted daughter Nadia, in the first days of shooting was at a loss for what she has to play such a snake and have the mother. In life, it is a wonderful girl. But I told her stubbornly whispered: "Docha, you`ll see, speak about us! We are interesting! We are active! "And so it happened." In addition, she notes that for all the shortcomings of its heroine, she can learn optimism, tenacity of purpose.