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Date of Birth: 07/07/1972

Age: 44

Place of birth: St. Petersburg

Citizenship: Russia


Author: Igor BIN

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Natalia Tkachenko (nee - Barteva) was born and raised in Leningrad (now - St. Petersburg). Girl from childhood was fond of the scene. After high school, Natalia initially enrolled in medical school, but soon left him. I love to outweigh the scene, and she was admitted to the St. Petersburg Academy of Theatre Arts in the course of AD Andreev.

In 1997 Natalya Tkachenko graduated from the Academy, and the following year took aspiring actress in a comedy troupe named Akimov. There she worked until 2007, performing many memorable roles: Lina in "Mischief Emile" Erudzheniya in "Lovers", Marjorie in "village wife" Anya Fomina in "apple thief," Cat in "The Cat Who Walked by Herself ".

Since 2005 Natalia Tkachenko performing on the stage of Theatre "Shelter comedian". The brightest of its work: Stella in the play by Mikhail Bychkov "Tram" Desire "and Hester Koller in the play by Alexander Bargmann" Deep Blue Sea ".


In the movie, the actress began to appear even under the name of "Barteva". She performed a series of bit parts in such famous series as "Secrets of the investigation" (twin sisters Olga and Tatiana) and "National Security Agent - 3" (wife Makarova) and then played a major role in the TV series "The Agency" (and its sequel "Agency-2"), which tells about the everyday life of a small advertising agency. Her heroine in this project was the secretary Love Polozhenko.

In subsequent years, Natalia Tkachenko regularly starred in the movie. Most often it getting any roles in rather short series, among them "Three Colors of Love" (Nurse Faith), "Chess" (hostess pension Elena Matveevna), "Favorite" (Praskovya Bruce), "Mine" (Antonina), "Protection of Krasin" (captain Elena Terentyev), "Foundry, 4" (the wife of Attorney Elena), "Collection" (Special Section Officer Anya), "The True story of a lieutenant Rzhev" (Durov secret agent) and others.

Among the rare works in the full-length films: Actress Vera Vladimirovna in tragicomedy Ignatovskaya Vitaly Melnikov "Propaganda team" Beat the enemy! "Tatiana detective melodrama Denis Rodimin" demon. "

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