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Date of Birth: 07/02/1983

Age: 33

Place of birth: Uzbekistan

Citizenship: Russia


Natalia Rudova was born July 2, 1983 in Uzbekistan, because my mother, being pregnant, went to the grandmother for a visit. I was born there and lived in Kazakhstan near the sea up to twelve years.

Become Actress Tatyana Rudova does not dream. Not at all! As a child she wanted to be anyone - a commodity, the seller, a teacher and a mother. Although it is a lot of creative people ... Occupation: dancing, cross stitch, even scribbling on a typewriter. And only in the classroom gde-to seventh I realized that acting - it`s her. She always arranged school dances, contests, was actively involved in all sorts of skits, contests and concerts. I began to go to the theater club. And it all vying repeated: "All Rudova! In the theater!" In addition, the humanities were given to her perfectly. But with the exact - the trouble.

And in general - it was a daredevil, nicknamed "partisan". All the time to climb trees, knees were broken up in the blood. And then, after the divorce of his parents, Natalia Rudova moved to Ivanovo. There`s a girl just came in Ivanovo Drama School, and immediately entered.

After graduating from college Natalia Rudova, like many young people who went to conquer Moscow-mother. I found a room, got a manager in a sports store on Kutuzovsky Prospekt. Then a little worked as model in several glossy magazines. And even starred in a public service announcement with Nikolai Fomenko ...


And all his spare time pestered casting, trying to at least an inch closer to his dream - to become an actress. And one day luck! It was approved at a small role in an episode of "Diva" directed by Olga Sidorova.

This was the beginning of a career .... And Natalia Rudova began a torrid romance with film studies. She played a role (albeit in a cameo) in such famous series as: "In the world of criminal passions," "Who`s the Boss?", "Memories of Stalin", "Conductor". After that, Natalia Rudow noticed - she was invited to the role of the project in the "First Channel" in the series "Tatyana`s Day."

The eternal struggle of blondes and brunettes, rich and poor, Muscovites and provincial - these threads never run its course, at least in the series. The new series is just covered all three themes. Charming Natalia Rudova, which at one time also had to conquer the capital, played the role of a wealthy Muscovite, blonde Tatiana Barinova. Actress brilliantly performed the role. Her character is absolutely different, so she and interesting to watch. She and loving, and loyal friend, and a good, and not very much.

According to spectators, Tatyana Barinov - negative character. But the actress, who lived a life of her heroine, says her unhappy. No, it does not justify their actions by Tatiana. But if you dig deeper, you will notice that the girl grew up without a mother, father, there was virtually no house - all the time he was engaged in the work, and she was on her own. So what of it they want? And then she and friendship, and love - she is lost, does not know what to choose. Mosque from love to friendship, and vice versa. It is like a blind kitten. Natalia Rudova pities his heroine.

After filming "Tatiana`s Day" actress co-starred in the TV series "railway workers". And then he started to work on the project, whose name is kept secret. We know one thing: the actress tries himself in a totally new genre - thriller, which will play a major role. Probably, it would be great to be played in the spirit of Natalie Rudova!

But in the theater Natalia Rudova not yet played, although the proposals and received. And I would love to probably try, but you have yet to give up, because the shooting is very heavy workload. And on television could work as a leading kakogo-nibud youth project, and in the musical field - good actress sings. But until that Natalia Rudova not set itself the goal of it. But if she suddenly solved, then, there is no doubt she will succeed.


The singer of one of the main roles in the TV series "Tatyana`s Day" says that it is not similar to her character, except that determination. But unlike Tatiana Barinova Natalia Rudova not go over the heads to get things done or attention please men. Escheodna similarities heroine Tatiana and singer Natalia - they both like to have fun. Rudova very often in nightclubs.

But the family is a young actress thinks the least, considering themselves not enough prepared for family problems. She has many plans for the future, and the family will only slow down her career. And the role of a housewife was not for her, but the actress and appreciate people who have devoted themselves to family. That`s when it will be as great as Milla Jovovich, and then you can think of. And now she is her profession closer than family life. And glad that her loved one understands it.

One of the hobbies of the actress is painting. According to her, this is not a professional art, but the picture is not ashamed to give to friends and acquaintances. Now Natalia lives in a rented apartment and most of all wants to buy their homes.

And if it is short about Natalia ruds more precise about its taste, the food she prefers mashed potatoes, and the day begins with a cup of coffee. He does not like hypocrisy in others, and the man she loves with a sense of humor. The clothes she is wearing in the style of "casual", and in the bathroom humming "Margaret" Valery Leontiev ...


2004 Viola - series

2005 Diva - series

2005 Stalin. Live - show

2005 World pristupnaya passions - series

2006 Who`s the Boss - series

2006 Rails happiness - series

Tatyana`s Day 2007 - TV series

2007 railway workers - series

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