Natalia Richagova

Picture of Natalia Richagova

Date of Birth: 05/03/1945

Age: 66

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia


School days

Natalia S. Rychagova was born in Moscow. Her father was a famous landscape artist. My mother was a housewife and took care of her daughter.

In 1955, the director Ilya Frez looking for young actors for his next movie, "Vasek Trubachov and his companions." Views were held in Moscow schools. Including to the school where Natasha studied. She is very attracted to Frazee, and he took her to the role Sinitsyna. The picture was a great success and in 1957 followed by a sequel, "Troop Trubacheva fights."

After "Trubacheva" Natasha woke up famous. At school, she just did not give passage. On the ground floor it was hung a large portrait of her next to the pictures of excellent, although she was not an excellent student.

Despite the success of the movie and all of a sudden had fallen in popularity, actress Natasha was not going to be. But her mother decided otherwise. She took her daughter to the City House of Pioneers, in drama school, a remarkable teacher Evgenia Galkina Vasil. Here, Natasha worked for many years, until the graduation. It is in this studio, Natasha, and was born the desire to become an actress. In addition to classes in Eugene Vasilevny she took an active part in the school drama circle, which was led by a teacher of literature.

Film career

Natalia S. started acting even in the second year. The film was called "No unknown soldiers." He was filmed by memories Rodimtsev "Masha from a mousetrap." Then, immediately after graduation has been little work in the film Mark Osepyana "Three Days of Viktor Chernyshev." (Filming in the movie, Natalia S. was pregnant).

After the birth of her daughter Rychagova begins actively removed. The film goes beyond the film. The roles were very different - and the major and minor: a young teacher in the "Coach" I. Ann`s, Zoe in "Return of the" Saint Luke "A. Bobrowski, Nadia Vojvodina in the film" crossed the threshold "P. Viktorov, Klava Ivanova in the TV movie "About Klava Ivanova" DUNYASHA in "Mortal enemy" E. Matveeva. But, of course, the most memorable and favorite is still the work of Natalia Rychagova audience was the role of Masha in the famous film Belkina Vladimir Horn "Officers". Then no one would believe that the film will be a great success. It was Horn debut in directing, before that, he worked as director of the only pictures. strong team was involved: the writers Vasiliev and Rapoport, the operator Kirillov. And, of course, a strong cast, which in the first place and ensured a large audience success of the film.

In 1975, twenty years after the "Vaska Trubacheva", directed by Ilya Frez invited Natalia Rychagova in his film "That we do not pass." She played a student teacher`s college Lena, who came to practice in a school and immediately found a common language with children. The film was a success and even won one of the prizes at the festival in Panama. After that, Natalia S. continued to act, but the roles were becoming less and movies were not already so memorable. Over time, the proposal removed altogether ceased. The last time Rychagova appeared on screen in 1993 in the film "Breakfast with a view of the Elbrus" ...


Natalia Rychagova married to actor Alexei Inzhevatovym. They met pripostuplenii VGIK. Then, when the whole course went on potatoes, Alex began to take care of Natasha. Upon returning every night sat under the windows of her house. They were married in the third year. At the wedding I walked almost all the VGIK. Attended by all the teachers ...

daughter Maria was born on March 2, 1968. All his spare time Natalia S. has always devoted daughter. With five years of Masha began to play the piano. Then she went to the central school at the Conservatory. Natalia S. dealt with it up to grade 11, made her play for 4 hours a day. In the end, she "tortured" Masha that she "beat" their hands. And I went to VGIK film history at the end of the school Masha. Now she is there and works as the methodologist.

Natalia `lives grandson "S. recent years. He is now nine years old. In the morning she drives him to school and after dinner takes back. And he learns in the same school where she once studied Natalia S.. Occasionally Rychagova invited to TV serials voice. But in life it does not take offense. "The main thing is that I have a family life has been!".