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Age: 45

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia


Laureate of the State Prize of Russia (2000).

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Natalia Panina was born in 1970 in the usual Moscow family. Since childhood, the girl wanted to become an actress: played in school performances, acted in a variety of support groups, she studied music and dance. Safely received a certificate of education, talented girl from the first time came to the Old Theater School Shchepkin.


Immediately after graduating from college in 1992, Natalia Panina came to the Russian State Drama Theatre. Pushkin. Her first role of Olga in the celebrated scene in the play Mark Rozovsky "Romances with Oblomov" was received by critics and audiences at the "Cheers". A truly become a benefit and next role cheeky mischievous girls, gambling and easy point guard their hapless Cavaliers-guests, Mirandolina in the "landlady" Carlo Goldoni director Vladimir Vorobiev.

With each subsequent role of directors opened in talented actress ever new artistic abilities. Roles Natalia Panina recent years, in particular the role of Julia in the play "PS Kapellmeister Johannes Kreisler, the author and his beloved Julia" in 1998 by a different actress revealed talent. It clearly showed that Natalia Panina fluent in many scenic genres from delicate lyricism to grotesque buffoonery, the actress with her usual grace skillfully build complex score roles.

Natalia Panina played many roles on the famous stage. Her heroines - Bianca in Shakespeare`s tragedy "Othello," Lady Mary "Elizabeth of England", Masha in Chekhov`s "Three Sisters", Lisa Sinichkina in "Pare bay," Varya in "The Cherry Orchard", Jane Uorzington comedy Cooney "Thirteenth number ", and Nina and Baroness Strahl in" Unknown. " The repertoire of the actress and the role AGAFYA in Valery Fokin "Marriage".

Eminent actress were willing to invite other creative groups. In the season 1997-1998, Natalia Panina brilliantly played the role of Joe in antrepriznom play "A Taste of Honey," the director Helen Black. In the theater "Russian Enterprise" named after Andrei Mironov, she was busy in the lead role in the play "Forty first" in Lavrenev and participated in two musical performances: "From the notes crazy entrepreneur" and "Oh, those poor men!". Often, an actress and has performed with solo concert programs, performing Russian romances. Stage charm, artistry and brilliant vocal allowed her in 1999 to take first place at the St. Petersburg actor`s song contest named after Andrei Mironov.


Naturally, the film directors began quietly eyeing the talented actress. However, for many years, Natalia Panina still avoided shooting areas, giving preference to the theater stage. But not escape fate. In melodrama "Life Director" in 1981, the main character is the director of a large plant, a keener sense of personal responsibility to the society for all, what is involved, Natalia Panina got the role of the second plan. The debut role of a serious beautiful young movie actress Natasha allowed to declare itself as a colorful artistic personality. And next role - Masha in "youth-revelatory" Vyacheslav Sorokin drama "Temptation" has become a vivid confirmation.

Then the actress for some years disappeared from the screen to the 1991 re talent to express themselves in an interesting picture, "Sonia, insomnia, sleep" as a playful, flirtatious, capricious and prone to adventure Lucy.

Actress regal, extraordinary charm Natalia Panina managed almost a textbook as a "child of the street" - Mary in the melodrama "The House on Christmas Boulevard" to create the image of a strong, vibrant and charming girl of all time, the main thing in Panino heroine traced genuine, not hypocritical purity and dignity.


Going into kinoazart Natalia Panina has agreed to star in a television series about the life peterbugskih friends and their families, "Live - see", in the famous "Cops Streets of broken lamps." To appear in the role of charming, serious teacher Marina and play Svetlana in the series "Opera Chronicles homicide ", which dealt with serious matters, which is set in St. Petersburg in one of the city`s police department.

In between filming serials Panin allowed herself to star in the role of Olga in the "House of Hope", about a marriage agency specializing in providing opportunities to foreign suitors to meet Russian brides. Then, as a wise Maria Feodorovna in the movie "Emperor Love", based on the book Valentina Azernikova "Chronicle of Love and Death", about the difficult history of relations between the Emperor Alexander II and Princess Catherine Dolgorukova. After this, it is not then the big roles, critics still consider it appropriate to mention the bright temperament, and an open, flamboyant style of play Natalia Panina.

By the way, Natalia V. dislikes particularly telling about his personal life. Probably because of its artistic life for all to see, and that it would be desirable at least something left "behind the scenes and behind the scenes." How long!?


1981 Life Director

1987 temptation

1991 Sonia, insomnia, sleep

1992 House on Christmas Boulevard

1997 Live - see

2000 House of Hope

2001 Cops. Streets of broken lamps 4

2003 Emperor Love

2003 Face of Another

2004 Opera. Chronicles of homicide

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