Natalia Nazarova

Picture of Natalia Nazarova

Date of Birth: 11/16/1969

Age: 47

Place of birth: Ramenskoye

Citizenship: Russia



Natalya Nazarova was born November 16, 1969 in the small town of Ramenskoye, Moscow region. Already in the school girl was different from their peers, it was an ordinary student, just a little bit better than others studied, more than loved the lesson of literature, was fond of painting, visited a local art studio, she was a soloist of the school jazz band and dreamed dreams to become an actress.

After receiving the coveted high school education, she went to enter Moscow, but accepted it in GITIS only the fourth approach. "I did not immediately come to the right hand comes to some of the stages, ie examiners in me obviously saw something, just could not define -. What exactly ... And in the third year, I met a remarkable woman - a teacher GITIS Natella . Hadzhimuratovnoy Britaevoy and it is something me and said: "Natasha, you`re eccentric, grotesque that you`re pretending muslin heroine? This is not your ... ", so the actress explained her distrust of talent on the part of the selection committee.


In 1995, after graduating from university brilliantly, Natalya Nazarova some time taught in GITIS with her husband - actor Gennady Nazarov.

And then came the Moscow Theatre for Young People. On the famous stage actress she has been busy starring in a production of the bride Bal`zaminova "My poor Balzaminov"; wife of the director in the performance Ahadova "The public is forbidden to watch."

Not alien to the actress participated in antrepriznyh performances - "Crow`s feet" Donskova, "Two less" Subbotina director.


And then, and the movies loomed. By the standards of acting in the movie Natalia Nazarova has come a little late, but as soon as the lead role in the film-tape "Post a paradise," award-winning "Legionnaire" on CF "Constellation" in 2001. Then talented actress confidently walked through all seasons of the series "Turkish March" in partnership with Alexander Domogarovym, acted in parallel in one of the central roles of assistant Simon smartest Luba Akhmedova in the thriller "The lion`s share" of the special unit of the FSB, who was fired for negligence from service.

According to Kirill Serebrennikov, director of the series "Rostov-pope", stylish arrangements with a modern twist of a number of classic themes of love, which brings together a scene - the city of Rostov-on-Don, eternal summer, extremely beautiful women, brave men, high blue sky and the river, and insane happiness or its visibility, it is Natalya Nazarova helped him in difficult times. The actress was cast Larissa balanced raid, one photo, without any samples in a series called "MMA". Sure and talented actress revealed the image of the heroine, who could not bear the thought that a loved one has gone missing in Chechnya, did not believe in his death and continued to wait and write him a letter, telling them about his life.

Kinoetapnym next event in the biography of Natalya Nazarova was the role of volitional Masha in the movie "Diary of a Murderer", a series of past killings have been described in the stories, very similar to a series of murders in the present tense.

Meanwhile, the actress is slowly but surely gaining kinooboroty playing bit parts in the famous "Kamenka" and the film "Fool". In today`s adventurous series, where "ideological thugs" robbed only the rich people, according to its own scenario in the movie "Lola and Marquis," Natalya Nazarova took themselves a little eccentric SimkiHlorkinoy role.


Starting from the second year, Natalya Nazarova felt a craving not only for acting. She began to write scripts. And later, when he worked in the theater, even I ventured to enter the Film Institute at the director`s office ...

This is it the author of scripts for an amazing 2005 film "Fool" and "Lola and Marquis." It is precisely because of her pen out excellent subjects of paintings 2007 "Grandson astronaut", "Mermaid" and "Listening to the silence". And, of course, it was Natalya Nazarova should be grateful to half the teenage population of the country for a wonderful, wonderful TV series "Ranetki" about girls - schoolgirls, create a musical group.


After working for three years in the theater, the actress was chosen by videokastingu in acting agency "Max", in which it is on the list, for the lead role in an American film for Hollywood request. With a pretty picture of the actual plot of the famous director of low-budget independent film Thompson Clay talked about Russian girl, a guest on the marriage catalog in America. In this life story with elements of comedy and not very cheerful finale talented, with creativity Natalya Nazarova and starred in the movie "Dances with Wolves" in partnership with film star in Hollywood Tanta.

The story of the film had its jazz continued. During the filming of Natalya Nazarova recorded song. When the film was already in the assembly, her producer called and unexpectedly offered to burn the disc. Having "good", he quickly found another in Chicago "neraskruchennyh" a group of black musicians puzzled her future performance of the songs is a Russian singer. But, take a closer look, it quickly found a common language of communication. The experiment was successfully ended, and the triumphal procession of the disc "Listen With Jour Heart". Natalia Nazarova has become quite often happens at various festivals in the United States, acted with concerts in Chicago and Los Angeles, on the radio. And now there is practically no country where sensational drive was not scrolled.


Natalya Nazarova married a wonderful Russian actor Gennady Nazarov, in the movie he`s a soldier Ivan Chonkin. The meeting future spouses occurred in GITIS on the exam for the dance. Natalya was a task - to teach a young man to dance, and she pulled out of a live crowd, not clamped, funny Gennady. The same in revenge invited "Woman eat insanely tasty chicken at a party in his intellectual family." And, in the end we got a happy family, closer people who together very well.

By the crazy rhythm of life Natalya Nazarova, her family always treated loyally. The actress flew away periodically for concerts in the US and returned back, and the Nazarov family cleverly overlapped space and time.

And actress Natalia Nazarova is interested in painting, her work can be seen in the exhibition "Faces of talent" in the museum Yermolova when their works of art presented to the audience well-known directors and actors.


2000 Paradise Post

2000-2007 Turkish March - series

2001 The lion`s share

2001-2004 Rostov-dad - series

2002 Diary of a Murderer

2003 Kamenskaya-3 - show

2005 Dura - actress, writer

2005 Lola and Marquis - actress, writer

2007 Grandson astronaut - screenwriter

2007 Mermaid - screenwriter

2007 Listening to Silence - screenwriter

2008-2009 Ranetki - screenwriter

2009 I`ll be back - screenwriter

Author: Tatiana Novitchenskaya

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