Natalia Medvedeva

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Date of Birth: 09/03/1985

Age: 31

Place of birth: Serpukhov

Citizenship: Russia

Belle, who is not afraid to be funny

Author: Andrew Puminov

Website: Celebrities

Natalia Medvedev refers to a lucky few, who generously endowed with a wide variety of talents, and thus are able to express themselves with the unexpected side. She has been dancing, singing, music, a good student - however, became famous thanks to his gift to amuse others. Natalia was born March 9, 1985 in Serpukhov near Moscow, in the family of an engineer and a teacher Zhivago German Olga Medvedeva, where there grew up the son of Andrew. The school Natasha went to another town near Moscow - Chekhov. She enthusiastically sang in the folk ensemble, attended a dance studio, she studied music and participated in all school activities. Lively and cheerful character of the girls sometimes worried her parents. However, after a family moved in Odintsovo Natasha has changed dramatically. She continued her studies at the lyceum

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Natalia Medvedeva picture
Natalia Medvedeva photo
Natalia Medvedeva image
Natalia Medvedeva pic
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Natalia Medvedeva picture
Natalia Medvedeva picture
Natalia Medvedeva picture