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Date of birth: 20.01.1982

Age: 34

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia

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Natalya Vitalevna Lesnikovskaya successfully worked in several Moscow theaters troupes, acted almost fifty series, successfully worked as a model, has participated in the show and everywhere realiti- achieved success because of their dedication and focus. The last three years, the actress tried herself in a new role - the role of the mother, and believes that the acquired the basic meaning of my life.

Natalia Lesnikovskaya - born Muscovite, she was born in a family of mom and dad, math coach, master of sports of water skiing. Natalia has a brother, Vladimir, her junior year. The girl soon enter into the sport - in four years, was taken to a section of rhythmic gymnastics, Natasha then start jogging, and later - in winter sports, particularly snowboarding, love to have survived to the present day. Do not remain aloof and creative hobbies - 6 years old Natasha self-made dolls for home theater and showed real performances. Later, she attended music and art schools, but the girl remained very closed and very hard in contact with their peers, because of what has replaced six schools.

Determine the choice of their way of life Natalya helped performance theater Yermolova `Life moya` Sergei Bezrukov in the title role. The history of relations between Yesenin and Isadora Duncan struck the girl to tears, and she firmly decided that would be an actress, and began attending school theatrical circle.

After graduation Natalya filed papers to several theater schools, but all failed. My mother tried to convince her to choose a more thorough profession. Natalya got a job as a cashier at the store, and at the same time attended law courses. However, in the spring, instead of the recommended mother of the Department of Economics, she again went to the admissions of theater schools, and this time managed to become a student of GITIS (now RATA), enrolling on a course G. Khazanov. She studied singing, dancing in a student jazz ensemble, engaged in fencing and juggling. Purposeful nature of Natalia helped her move out of the best students and later receive a diploma with honors. Already in the second year, she starred in the TV series` Life prodolzhaetsya`, performing the role of Marina, a friend of the protagonist.

After RATA in 2004 Natalia Lesnikovskaya she joined the theater. Mayakovsky. The young actress is often offered roles with singing and dancing, she played in productions of `Red shapochka`, Zhenitba`` `Connie priveredlivye`, antrepriznyh a variety of performances.

Natalia and was often invited to shoot a TV series. Although initially offered the role was small, she participated in such well-known projects as `NEXT-3 `(2003),` `Always Say Always (2003),` `The Penal Battalion (2004) and many others. Over time, the young actress have become more and more choose to perform a central role. In the famous TV series `Advokat` (2004-2012) Natalia Lesnikovskaya created several images in the project` Russian lekarstvo` (2004) Sasha played in `Intimate lyudyah` (2004) - teacher Inna Arnoldovna in` Children Vanyuhina` (2005 ) - the sister of the heroine Mila.

The main role went to actress in the movie `Kosa` (2006). Permanent employment in the shooting of actress alienated from her parents, who by this time had already been divorced, and destroyed her relationship with a loved one. Later, Natalia admitted that was not right, giving preference to a professional career at the expense of relationships with loved ones. However, she has successfully combined her work in the drama `Center and rezhissury`, which moved from the theater Mayakovsky, a professional model and work hard shooting mode. Among the most striking works Lesnikovskaya - `Sisters krovi` (for which the actress was awarded` Telezvezda` premium), `Brothers Karamazovy`,` Gold Troi`, `Sleuth Samovarov` and other memorable TV series viewers.

Among such a busy schedule Natalia found time for a long-standing passion for sports. Once in a social network, she found a snowboard instructor classified by Ivan and entered into correspondence with him. Personal meeting took place only a year later, and they never parted since then. Ivan, an engineer by training, is interested in music, many sports, and Natalie discovered windsurfing. Wedding, they played in the style of the hippies - the bride was silver sneakers with bright flower in her hair and groom - in a bright sweater and faded jeans; guests were dressed in the same style. In January 2011 the young family had a son Egor. Natalya did not leave a job, even during the waiting period of the child - appeared on the scene, the voice of the films, taught school models, and postpartum immediately went on to play in the theater productions Praktika` `` Life udalas`, as well as shocking `Marmelade` where she It plays the role of male homosexual. A surprise for the fans was brilliant Lesnikovskaya participate in the reality show `Poliglot`, where she was given the nickname` A student-nedotroga`.

Recent work by Natalia Lesnikovskaya steel series in the style of a village and a detective sitcom `` Pasechnik` Nezlob`, released in theaters in autumn 2012.

In April 2013, she gave birth to a second son, Mark. The actress says that motherhood gives her a new direction in art, moreover, directors often offered her the role of mothers. The husband of the actress very happy birth of two sons and a very responsible attitude towards their education. Egor has become skating and Mark from two months began to teach swimming. Natalya quickly regained his form and then back to work - starred in the sequel `Pasechnik` and preparing the play` Spletni` in the Meyerhold Center.

Author: Andrew Puminov

Website: Celebrities

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