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Date of Birth: 05/04/1938

Age: 74

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia



Kustinskaya Natalia was born in a family of entertainers. Her dad was kupletistov-tap dancer, and my mother - singer. In their Moscow apartment on Malaya Bronnaya was always full of guests. Often they come and celebrities such as: Ruslanova, Claudia Shulzhenko, Isabella St. George.

Very often parents took Natasha to his concerts, and a girl from childhood itself absorbed in the creative atmosphere. It is very early learned to sing, dance, recite poems. And later brilliantly he graduated from music school at Gnesinka class piano.

However, much more attracted Woman film. Yes, and the surrounding in one voice saying: "With this appearance you one way - in a movie star." The girl was really beautiful. With 14 years behind her walked a crowd admirers. Often they waited for Natalia in the stairwell that led to grumbling neighbors: "Because of this little girl in the stairwell is not overcrowded."

Film Institute. The debut in the movie

After school, Natalie Kustinskaya apply to the School of the Vakhtangov and VGIK. Huge competition did not prevent her to successfully complete it, and there and there. Natalia chose VGIK, and was enrolled to the course MAT great actress Olga Ivanovna Pyzhova.

Already in the first year, the debut Kustinskaya in the movie, and this despite the fact that the VGIK always there was a strict ban on the shooting students. But to deny the director Grigory Roshal, by the time released on screens his famous film "Road to Calvary", he could not refuse anybody.

Roshal was looking for an actress for a small role in his new film "Gloomy Morning", which was supposed to be a continuation of the painting "Road to Calvary". Natalia Kustinskaya he accidentally met in the corridor VGIK. Beautiful girl immediately drew the attention of the director, and was almost immediately adopted.

This role was the aspiring actress to a good start. Critics responded to her job rave reviews: "I was born a new drama actress." There were offers from the directors ...

First marriage

Film debut of Natalia Kustinskaya coincided with her first marriage. And it happened all of a sudden. With her future husband, Kustinskaya met in the same VGIK famous director Yuri Chulyukin (author of "intractable" popular comedy). Already on the second day of our acquaintance Chulyukin, who was older than nine years of Natalia, without any preliminary courtship made her an offer.

Natalia Kustinskaya recalls, "but I`m going to go to the shooting in Minsk, so I just laugh his peremptory tone:" What wedding? I shoot the next day in another city! "-" So you go to Minsk to my wife. " The most amazing thing that has happened exactly as he said. We actually got married the next day, and I came to Minsk married lady. "

Ambient embraced marriage Kustinskaya with envy. Still - the young actress is now opened the way to a great movie. Yuri Chulyukin was a popular, sought-after director, and Kustinskaya could well weigh many interesting paintings. However, it all happened quite differently.

Oddly enough, but her husband Kustinskaya starred in only one film - sports comedy "The Royal Regatta" (this film will be discussed later). All other roles in films Chulyukina getting any other actresses. Especially Natalia upset that he did not give her the lead role in "Girls" of the famous comedy.

When Chulyukin begin shooting this picture, said Kustinskaya that will only shoot her. However, the artistic director and Reisman Romm said that Natalia with her beauty does not suit the role of "zamuhryshki" Toshi. They suggested the actress to play Anfisa, but Kustinskaya disagreed and advised to take on this role Svetlana Druzhinin.

Natalia still continued to hope for the role of Toshi. At the same time Chulyukin, afraid to openly tell his wife that she did not fit, began to withdraw Hope Rumyantsev. For Kustinskaya it was a real blow ...

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