Natalia Kupina

Picture of Natalia Kupina

Place of birth: Magadan

Citizenship: Russia


Natalia A. Bush (born 1940). - Russia`s linguist, doctor of philological sciences, professor of the Ural State University Philological Faculty. Gorky (Ekaterinburg).

Born in 1940 in the city of Magadan. She graduated from the Odessa State University. Since 1967 - at the Department of Russian Sverdlovsk Pedagogical Institute, and since 1977 at the Department of g.- modern Russian Ural State University. Currently professor of the chair of rhetoric and style of USU Russian language. Member of the Academy of Arts (1995).

Research interests NA Kupina diverse. PhD thesis was devoted to the problem of the nature and occurrence of metaphors (on vostochnoslavyanskihyazykov material), a doctorate - the interpretation of a literary text. A specialist in the field of style and rhetoric of the Russian language, the theory of socio-political discourse. A member of the Main Council on philological sciences of the Russian Federation.

Major works:

Linguistic analysis of literary text. M., 1980.

Structural and semantic analysis works. Sverdlovsk, 1981.

The meaning of a literary text and aspects lingvosmyslovogo analysis. Krasnoyarsk 1983.

Method of speech development. Moscow, 1981.

Totalitarian Language: Vocabulary and verbal reactions. Ekaterinburg; Perm, 1995.

The language in the context of resistance to totalitarian culture. Ekaterinburg, 1998.

Fundamentals of stylistics and culture of speech. Moscow, 2004 (co-author).

Mass literature today. Moscow, 2008 (co-author).