Natalia Kosteneva

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Place of birth: Semipalatinsk

Citizenship: Russia


Author: Igor BIN

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Natalia Kosteneva born December 1, 1984 in the Kazakh city of Semipalatinsk. From a young age girl growing creative child - studied in theater class (which was engaged in all productions), painted, wrote poetry in the school newspaper. However, despite this, his future life Natalya had seen in a completely different field. She wanted to become a lawyer - this profession girl seemed credible and interesting ...

In addition, to choose the path of acting, Natalia pushed mom. As an artist, she advised her daughter to try his hand in the creative professions. With the help of a friend of the actor from the Novosibirsk theater girl he prepared a program for the receipt, and the two of them with my mother went to Moscow, where the first time entered the Theater School. Shchukin ...


About the years of study in the Shchukin School for a course of Honored Artist of Russia Mikhail Borisov Natalia Kosteneva he recalls with pleasure: "I was fascinated by the atmosphere in the Pike. You go into the audience, and there are some beds, chairs, cabinets, roll pillows. Or, for example, the objects themselves - classical dance, jazz dance, acting. It`s a miracle! A fencing? Well, in any metropolitan university students are engaged in fencing? So study the Shchukin School left me the most positive emotions. "

Shchukin School Kosteneva Natalia graduated in 2005. Her diploma work was the role of Pauline in a play "A Profitable Post" (statement M.Borisova) and Olivia in "Twelfth Night" (directed by AA Shirvindt). The graduation performances at the talented graduate noticed Alla Pokrovskaya and Roman Viktyuk. Due to this in the same 2005 the young actress played the role of Angelica in the play Teatro Romano Viktyuk "Last Love Don Giovanni" by E. Schmitt.

Shortly after graduating from college Natalia Kosteneva she joined the Theatre of Oleg Tabakov (the famous "snuff-box"). There, the actress is working on currently. Over the years, she has been busy in the performances: "Enough Stupidity in Every Wise Man" (Masha), "eldest son" (Zina), "Actors" (Sarah), "Fathers and Sons" (Katya Odintsov), "The Marriage of Figaro" ( Fanshetta), "Confessions of Felix Krull" (Eleanor Tventimen), "Leo Gurych Sinichkin" (vendor flowers Tishka, Matilda).

In addition Kosteneva Natalia played the role of Constance in the play Moscow Art Theatre. Chekhov`s "Amadeus".

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His first, a cameo role in the movie played by Natalia Kosteneva still a student - in the drama Stanislav Govorukhin "Bless the Woman". In 2006-07 actress performed a series of supporting roles, including: Frenchwoman Sophie in an episode of the series "Happy Together", Lelia in the TV series "My Prechistenka", Bosch`s wife in the melodrama "Mona Lisa on the pavement." And the first major work of Natalia Kostenevoy on the screen was Nastya Sergei Vinogradov melodrama "tutor".

In 2008, Natalia Kosteneva participated in the melodramatic TV series "Ermolovy" played a major role - Marusya Klimova. In addition, she starred in the role of Yulka in the popular TV series "Two Sisters".