Natalia Kolyakanova

Picture of Natalia Kolyakanova

Date of Birth: 09/06/1955

Age: 61

Place of birth: Chkalov

Citizenship: Russia



Kolyakanova Natalia was born in Orenburg. After graduating in 1978, Irkutsk Drama School, she enrolled in the local drama theater them. NP Okhlopkova. One of her first roles was Irina in "Three Sisters."

Film debut for Natalia Kolyakanovoy was somewhat unexpected. In 1983, the play "Memoirs" came the famous poet and director Yevgeny Yevtushenko. He drew attention to an unusual actress and asked her to star in his autobiographical film "Kindergarten".

Natalia B. says: "After the play came up to me and said," You know, in the movie all the roles are distributed, we take off, but I would like you to take pictures and maybe even in the crowd. " Of course, I came to the wedding scene is something out there pritoptyvat, danced, sang a ditty. Well I remember the moment when I realized that what I do, fixed film, made not out in the sand, and remain, and you can watch will endlessly. And the magic of the movies I have felt all my being. "

Anatoly Vasiliev

However, the real debut in the movie took place many years later - in 1990. Meanwhile, Natalia Kolyakanova entered GITIS on acting and directing Correspondence Course to Mark A. Zakharov. Already in the first year Zakharov handed course the famous theater director Anatoly Vasilyev.

Vasiliev directed the theater "School of Dramatic Art", where in parallel with their studies (GITIS she graduated in 1993) and began to work Kolyakanova. For eleven years she played many different roles and Nastasia, and Lebjadkin, and The Seagull, and Ranevskaya, and Donna Anna. Theatre Vasilyeva Kolyakanova left in 1998. The actress confesses that all these years the theater was her greatest passion: "... I could play the show with a terrible pneumonia. With a terrible temperature! I played and lived every day. I did not play at all have no health. And I played and played and played. "

90 years. Cinema

Theatre and also brought again Natalya Kolyakanovu in the movie. She recalls: "When we play" Six Characters in Search of an Author "Pirandello, I walked around the auditorium and sitting down on his knees for men, flirting with them. In all countries where come, be sure to sit down to any mayor, some scent he figured, and the whole room Akhal. So I was drawn and Lungin, and it attracts passionate nature, he likes to say: Play as if the champagne opened. "

Pavel Lungin offered the actress a role in his film "Taxi Blues". Kolyakanova Paul successfully entered into a colorful selection of strange people in Moscow. Its constantly laughing clerk Christine was like a stray spark rapid.

In the same year, Natalia Kolyakanova starred in a complex on the style and content of the drama Oleg Morozov and Andreas Schmidt "Leningrad. November