Natalia Golubentseva

Picture of Natalia Golubentseva

Date of Birth: 10/27/1942

Age: 74

dubbing Master

Soviet and Russian actress, dubbing master, Honored Artist of Russia (1995), winner of the "Taffy" Award (1997)]. Born in the family of composer Alexander Golubentseva and actress Nina Arkhipova. She studied at the variety-circus school, which ended in 1968.

It works on TV for over 30 years. Wide audience is known for mostly long-term articulation hare Stepashky in children`s television program "Good night, kids!".

She starred in the film "Easy Life" (as a dry cleaning workers) and "Amazing Boy" (in a cameo). NARRATION child and a pig in the television drama "The Adventures Aleesk in Voobrazilii" and the voice of the cartoon "Dunno in the Sun City."