Natalia Drozdova

Picture of Natalia Drozdova

Date of Birth: 08/02/1954

Age: 62

Place of birth: Louhi

Citizenship: Russia


Author: Igor BIN

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People`s Artist of Russia (1999).

Winner of the award for Best Actress at the Union Theatre Festival in Leningrad (1977, for his role in the play "Love, jazz, and features")

Winner of the prize for Best Actress at the theater festival in Kostroma (for her role in "Hot Heart" performance).

Choosing a profession

Natalia Drozdov was born in the north of Karelia, in a small village Louhi. She lived with her parents in their own home. I went to school, where it is very fond of literature. Dreamed I become an actress? Of course, like all the girls, but this dream was abstract. And really, Natalia wanted to be hunters. After all, she had two dogs, and a girl from an early age engaged in hunting and fishing ...

After graduation Natalya tried to enter the hunting management department of the Irkutsk Agricultural Institute, but there she was refused. It turns out that only the young men have taken on this specialty. And then she went to Leningrad to enter the theater department Theater Institute, music and cinema. However, there is a failure and was forced to return home.

As would have been her fate further, if not the case, it is not known. But shortly after arrival Natalia read in the newspaper that opened in Voronezh Institute of Arts. Examinations were shifted there in September. Natalya decided to take a chance. It was 1972 ...


During his studies at Voronezh State Institute of Arts Natalia met Gleb Borisovich Drozdov, chief director of the Voronezh Academic Drama Theater named after AV Koltsov, and concurrently head of the department of acting at the institute. Gleb Borisovich taught their third year, and then put the diploma performance of "The Threepenny Opera", where Natalia played the role of Lucy.

In 1975, Natalia graduated from university and was accepted into the troupe of the Voronezh ADT. A year later, she became the wife Gleb Drozdov. Natalya Stepanovna says: "I`ve always played a lot: after all, the wife of the director. And, of course, gained mastery. I can remember a toilet in "warm heart" Ostrovsky - for this role won her first prize at the festival in Kostroma, Beatrice in the play "Love, jazz, and features" Grushasa, daughter in "Tattooed Rose" Williams - the main role in the play played later, when I matured. There were roles in plays Roshchina and pink. In Voronezh I worked for seven years .. "


In 1984 Gleb Drozdov a conflict with the local party leadership. He was forced to leave the city, and after him followed and Natalia. The couple moved to Yaroslavl. There Gleb Borisovich headed the Yaroslavl Academic Drama Theatre. FG Volkova and Natalya, respectively, became an actress.

According to Drozdov theater must be attackers, it should not be bored - it is terrible for the theater. Therefore, leading the Yaroslavl Academic Drama Theatre, he headed for the rejection of the old traditions, the liberation from the "academic", defending the principle of entertainment. Natalia Drozdova became his muse and support in this matter, in addition to reveal the actress amazing talent, which are subject to any images, and great beauty. In the four years of work in the theater, she played AGAFYA in "The Marriage" by Gogol, in a play Zarimu Pashneva and Drozdov "born bird bird" and a number of other roles. One of her works - Paracha role in the "warm heart" Ostrovsky was awarded the prize "For the Best Actress" at the theater festival in Kostroma.

Spouses Drozdov worked in Yaroslavl, only four years, but left a good memory. Yaroslavl theatergoers since then estimated their joint work: "Each work - not just a breath of fresh air, and now the release of spiritual stagnation, and the great director`s decision."

Not everyone was like finding creative Gleb Drozdov. Again he could not get along with the local party leadership, and in the spring of 1988 he was dismissed from the theater. And then on the horizon appeared Togliatti ...


While in Togliatti was a question about the opening of the theater. Togliatti guide happened to sold-out performances Drozdov, and therefore do not miss the opportunity to invite him to her. Following the director Togliatti went to his wife Natalia Drozdova, part of the company and the students of his course from the Yaroslavl Theater School.

Natalya Stepanovna says: "... we all believed Drozdov, followed him. And he was absolutely sure that everything will turn out. From Yaroslavl Togliatti 11 people came to him. The rest of the troupe made disciples Drozdov: under the auspices of GITIS he created the theater studio. At first I, accustomed to traditional theater halls with tiered and lodges, the local recreation center was a little uncomfortable. But then I got used. We started to educate its audience, who loved our theater, went to certain artists - like in all normal theaters. "

The new theater, named "The Wheel", became the first Russian theater contract. The complex 90 years, when the country`s theaters were closed one after the other, the team Gleb Drozdov worked successfully. As if to justify its name, "The Wheel" a lot of touring around the country and abroad. For the first 12 years of theater 9 times traveled to foreign festivals and tours in England, Bulgaria, Hungary, France, Yugoslavia (twice), Belarus, Lithuania, the United States (twice).

Natalia Drozdov was in the theater`s leading actress. Over the years she has played many different roles: comedy, drama and Distinguishing. The actress has been busy in the performances: "Zykov" (Sofia), "One in a million. Drunken Night "(Simon)," Family Portrait with banknotes "(Catherine)," Our Town "(Mrs. Gibbs)," Forest "(Gurmyzhskoy Raisa Pavlovna)," Rendezvous in the sea of ??rains "(Rima)," A friend of life "( Nadezhda), "Falstaff and Merry Wives of Windsor" (Mrs. Kuikli), "King Lear" (Goneril, daughter of Lear), "Zoyka apartment" (Zoe Denisovna Pelz) and many, many others.

Of course, as the chief director of the wife, Natalia Drozdov was in the theater "chosen." However, this relationship imposes on it, and a huge responsibility. The actress recalls, "I knew that we are a family and that I should behave modestly. So I was brought up Gleb. Though as an actor he admired me and stood out, he gave a really good role. But once he invited me to make a separate dressing room, and I refused: not wanted to stand out. To me he was always more demanding. And if something needed to arrange a demonstration, it is usually recouped on me. And yaterpela ".

Thanks to its striking work on stage Natalya Stepanovna in 1990 received the title of Honored Artist of the RSFSR, and in 1999 - the title of People`s Artist of Russia.

In addition to acting activity Natalya Stepanovna engaged and teaching. As she admits herself, much of this she took over from her husband, trying to follow his way, the system.

After the death of her husband

In 2000, Gleb Drozdov died. For theater "Wheel", was named after him, came the hard times. The team leaders changed several times. Finally in 2011, the director of drama theater "Wheel" was Natalia Drozdova. However, she has worked in this position for long. She said: "I have made no secret that I want to bet on the young. ... Young people should be on the stage. In a famous actor are theatrical gourmets, which is not so much in the city. And young people are young and old viewers. I had a period when I was little that the game comes into play young Kasilov, Nazarenko, and so powerful, cleverly ... Resentment was not, because our goal is lying on the surface: we must help, to insure the young, to educate, to suggest ... "Perhaps, it was not to everyone`s liking. In November 2012, Natalia Drozdova left the troupe drama theater "Wheel", which bears the name of her husband ...

After leaving the theater, Natalia Drozdova continued to engage in teaching - it is since 2005 headed the department of "acting skills" Volzhsky University. VN Tatishchev.


In 2008, Natalia Drozdova starred in the first movie she played the role of women in the Shura series "Broad River". The actress says: "I am very worried because I still stage actress, never filmed. I thought that I would be afraid of the camera, but it has got a very good serious operator, he quickly taught me welcome, not to feel the camera. " In addition, Natalya Stepanovna noted the great atmosphere that has developed on the set.

The work on the show, of course, added the actress fans. Will there be new roles - time will tell.


2008 Broad River - series