Natalia Bogunova

Picture of Natalia Bogunova

Date of Birth: 08/04/1948

Age: 65

Place of birth: Leningrad

Citizenship: Russia



What does it mean to "work on yourself" Natalia knew from an early age. From early childhood, she dreamed of becoming a ballerina. She madly liked the graceful girl, whom she had seen in his yard, the benefit that the Ballet School was in the house next door. Natalia insanely lured the mysterious world, which was called the "theater".

In order to enter the Ballet School, she was 9 years start to work hard, doing with the teacher, the former ballerina.

Bogunova: "I remember her sow per day, and she made me a turnout legs, she is from a nine-year girl from a small made workaholic, it was a hell of employment with her, she was those poor legs unfolded, gushing over them by the pope his palm so hard that it it was, but she did miracles, and I got there in the end came. "

The debut in the movie

Like all little ballerina, who studied in Ballet School - Natalia was busy in the performances of the Mariinsky Theatre - as butterflies and snowflakes. Once the school has come filmmaker Igor Talankin, who was looking for a little actress for the role of Wali in "Introduction" based on the stories V. Panova "Val" and "Vladimir". His choice fell on the young Natasha, that somehow the prospect of acting in movies is not pleased. He dreamed of the ballet. But the girl was persuaded, as today it is absolutely no regrets.

Natalia Bogunova recalls: "It worked Urgant quite beautiful actress, the young still, here, Boris Tokarev was filmed there, well, he was my partner. And it was very interesting. I was leaving for Moscow to voice one, I had a teacher under a contract, but the teacher was with me, among other things, and so I was very independent. I rented a room in Hotel South, I myself in 11 years across the Leninsky Prospekt went on Mosfilm voice. It was an incredibly big city, I discover the world. "

Naturally, for the filming of Natasha lost ballet form, and she had to work hard to catch up with their classmates.

"Goodbye, boys,"

Two years later, the director Mikhail Kalik invited her into the picture "Goodbye, boys." This film stars the young Eugene stems, Vic Fedorov and Mikhail Kononov, to which Natalia Bogunova fate will bring over 10 years on the film "Big Break". And then, in the 63rd, Natasha, of course, about this and did not even know.

Bogunova: "All who are with me was shot, I was four years older. Well, if I was 15 years in the film "Goodbye, boys!", Then it was 19 years old. This is a big difference at that age. They had problems, philosophical problems of permit life, and I did not have these problems. I, I solve problems philosophical life in 15 years? I had other, simpler problems, them with me, perhaps it was not interesting, because the solution of philosophical problems required, how would you say? Once they decide to philosophical problems, so they are depressed about something. "

Shooting of the film "Goodbye, boys," held for six months at sea in Yevpatoriya. Natasha involuntarily gained weight, which could not be reset. And then it was necessary to sacrifice the dream of ballet. Bogunova externally graduated from high school and decided to enroll in a theater school. At seventeen years old she was already well-known actress. And even her portrait entitled "The best people of the city" was hanging on the Nevsky Prospekt in Leningrad.

Film Institute

She studied at the Leningrad Choreographic School. A.Vaganovoy. She graduated from the VGIK (1970, acting workshop B.Babochkina).

Natalia decided to try his luck elsewhere, handing over documents to all college theater. Luck smiled at VGIK, then scored his course Boris A. Babochkin - the legendary actor, who played Chapaev.

Natalia Bogunova recalls about his teacher: "I idolized Boris A. Babochkin, I idolized him, he performed miracles, he is, in my opinion, was a werewolf. He played before us show, for example, "to achieve and others," by Sasha, to the Mother Superior. And all the roles in a gray suit, without removing anything. It struck me so, his gift of reincarnation, and then I had never seen a man so reincarnated playing one play so masterfully. "

Already in the first year Bogunova was invited to the shooting of the film "Running on waves" based on the novel by Alexander Grin. Take care of the young talent, Natasha Babochkin allowed to be late for a month for classes in VGIK. Unfortunately, this film was in limited release, and soon he was all put on the shelf for the sole reason that the author of the script, Alexander Galich, emigrated abroad. But it will be then ... And then the shooting "Running on Waves" took place in Bulgaria on the sea, and partners Natalia were Rolan Bykov, with whom she will play again in the movie "Big Break", Savva Hashimov - famous Bulgarian actor and then a a little-known Margarita Terekhova, which Bogunova lived in one hotel room.

After filming "Running on Waves" Natasha plunged into his studies and student work. VGIK she liked everything, and teachers, and classmates ...


In the second year Natasha married a student VGIK Alexander Stefanovich. Natasha was 20 years old Alexander - 23. Afterwards, Alexander Stefanovich made the film "Residence Permit", "Dear boy," "start over." He also had other pictures, but not one of them Natalia Bogunova not working. Although in the beginning these young people other interesting creative tandem, but ...

It has not received any creative tandem or family. After seven years of their marriage broke up. By the way, after Natalia Bogunova Alexander Stefanovich he was the husband of Alla Pugacheva. But here, the creative union failed.


In Theatre. Moscow City Council Natalia Bogunova was adopted in 1970, immediately after the end of the VGIK. The scene of the theater Mossovet, where the actress Bogunova served for 17 years, brought her to the amazing actors and the people who were left in her memory a deep impression. Until now, in the words Bogunova sounds sincere admiration when she recalls Lyubov Orlova.

But at the Theatre Natalia Bogunova he faced and relationships, which are not even suspected. If earlier on the set of all belonged to the young actress extremely carefully, the theater opened it in all honesty the other hand the relationship between the actors. At the beginning of work in the company of her as a young actress, and he played a major role, and all the extras. This situation has created a huge problem when Natalia started acting in the movie "Big Break". The shooting took place in Yaroslavl, and Bogunova not let out of the theater for two days because she has been involved in the crowd, and threatened her with dismissal. It turned out that to find a replacement for the crowd is more complicated than for a big role.

"Big Change"

In 1973, Natalia Bogunova played his most famous film role, starring in the popular television series "The Big Break".

As is known in Soviet times, the ideological department of the Central Committee of the CPSU was really concerned about the lives of citizens. So when the 72, it was adopted a decision on general secondary education, the ideologues decided, given the love of our people to the cinema - it is necessary to make a film on this subject, which would become close to the audience. So after a year on the instructions of the party was born film director Alexei Korenev "Big Break".

Initially, the role of Svetlana Afanasevny - wife and bully Losers Ganji director invited Svetlana Kryuchkov. But they say that in the samples of one of the episodes of the young actress as entered into the image that, quarreling with Ganji, really bitten actor Zbrueva finger. Alexander seriously hurt. Svetlana Kryuchkov still took in a movie, but on rolNelli Ledneva. But similar to the actress Svetlana Afanasevnu searched for a long time.

Natalia Bogunova: "Indigenous called me at Mosfilm, gave me the script and said, read, tell me what role you want to play? I immediately read it and said Svetlana Afanasevnu because it will all love. "

As acknowledged by the actors themselves, the movie was fun and easy. For young actors working at the same site with Sperantovoy, Yanshin, Leonov was excellent vocational school. Gorgeous Lyudmila Kasatkina gladly advising young actresses. Svetlana Bogunova called that period in my life "golden age", adding that works just amazing.

The picture was an incredible success, becoming in a moment one of the most popular in our country: an hour telepokaza streets deserted, people hurried home screens. And almost all of the young actors who starred in it, have become real stars.

The duo of Natalia and Bogunova, Vadim was so great that many really believe that they are husband and wife. The actress says that when she sat on a bus (it had to travel part of the dormitory to the studio), that constantly hear whispers behind his back: "Get out, get out Ganji`s wife is going."

Today, "The Big Break" someone seems naive fairy tale fun, someone - one of the first Soviet soap opera with a stunning cast. To argue about the artistic merits of the film-schlager pointless: he successfully stayed afloat three decades. And even executed responsible party ideological task. Young people just rushed in evening schools

Other works in the movie

In the same year, Natalia Bogunova starred in the title role in the fairy tale "The smart thing." However, this was her last big film role. Since the late 80s the actress is no longer removed.

In conclusion,

Natalia Bogunova:

"I am working on myself, I trust in destiny, work on yourself, go to the pool, do the program, speak with programs ... Well, that`s good, that`s how I look and try to live and let God, to here, that was not worse to be better, O Lord, grant that I was creative work, interesting, and that it was for me a spiritual, spiritual food as an actor, then, O Lord, I beg you to do that. "


1962 Introduction

1964 Goodbye, boys!

1966 Boy and girl

1967 Running on the waves

1968 Men`s Talk

1971 Spring Tale

1972 - 1973 Big Change

1973 Clever things

1974 What is your smile

1980 Personal safety can not guarantee ...

1986 Grand Pas