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Go to deal with the devil is always dangerous

-Pobeda, Of course, did not become a surprise for me. Although this season of "The Battle ..." was attended by a very strong psychics - said Banteeva, returning to the dressing room with the coveted statuette in his hands. - What do I want most right now? There is! I would easily umyala huge hamburger.

The devil lured

- I`m so tired, four months was not at home - continues to Natalia. - Still in the "Battle of psychics," very interesting. Not to say that I learned something new. Simply hook your skills. Prior to that, I know thousands of people, millions now know. I think many people have believed in my strength, although Nonna Hidiryan, which took second place - a really strong rival.

You said that you became friends with Nonna. It`s true?

- I will not say that we are right to feel sympathy for each other. But quickly we realized that it was better to be friends than to quarrel. Unfortunately, not all the participants knew it. For example, the third finalist Valentin Divin kept trying to set up other psychics against us.

A few hours before the announcement of the results Divin told us that if he wins he is not, then the results of the vote - disbursed.

- What can I say? He`s a clown. When you do not have the power, then you try to blame others for what they are working dishonestly. I am genuinely sorry for these people. To get to the "Battle of psychics" on TNT, you need to show their extraordinary ability on the official casting. Participation in the casting and in the free program.

- Leading the project Marat Bashar repeatedly warned viewers that the participants may turn out to be charlatans. It is no secret that some people who have become known after the shooting, were receiving the suffering, demanding for each questionable session from 30 to 60 thousand rubles.

- No one is safe from the mercantile temptations, I myself used to bedevil for money. Basically they turned to me with love problems. I thought that I was doing right, because I helped those who came to see me. But one day, when one girl asked to make chto-to bad guy who dumped her, I suddenly saw the light and realized that all my actions are wrong. Accident barely pumped in the hospital. Then to me he came to realize that by helping one, I maim others. I realized that to make a deal with the devil is always dangerous.

Here, for example, another member of this season Flyura Shafikova received unfair - the devil has beguiled, and it was removed. And it was clear from the outset that it is - a worthy contender for the finals.

Grey Mass

When did you first realize that you have extraordinary abilities?

- Four and a half years. It was in the village, my grandmother went to the wake. After a while I went to her and said, "I do not like what the man was looking at me." - "What is a man? No one is not there! "- She said. "How not? There is a corner, all such gray. " Grandma immediately understood everything, because she also had psychic abilities. She only said: "Well, everything started." Years later, she gave me all her gift. At first, I, of course, from all of this was just bad. Classmates made fun of me, brought to hysterics, and when I say that I see ghosts of dead people, and all called crazy. It was particularly disappointing that I did not find understanding in the family. Mother, perhaps out of envy that the grandmother did not tell her a gift, call me abnormal. Growing up, I did no longer communicate with her.

You have never had a desire to live a normal life?

- And what do you think? Of course, it is very hard to see ghosts. You walk down the street, and you coming gray mass, at times have to bounce off - you do not want them to pass through me. I feel the suffering of other people, I see their thoughts. But I such what is. Everyone - his own life, and you need to live it with dignity.

Basharova predicted marriage

The finale of this season filmed late at night. Leading Marat Basharov program was very tired, but in a playful mood. The final liner he was able to record only the seventh double. Basharov constantly got lost, swallowed letters and leaping laughing.

Meanwhile, participants of the 9th "Battle of psychics," predicted the actor that he will marry this year. But who will be his chosen one, it remains a mystery.