Natacha Regnier

Picture of Natacha Regnier

Date of Birth: 04/11/1974

Age: 42

Place of birth: Berlin

Citizenship: France

I will follow him to the end of the world

Author: Vyacheslav Dmitriev

Website: Celebrities

The bright and spectacular modern melodrama "The Wedding Chest" Natasha Regnier starred - Parisian Isabelle, handsome bride Aydar, on whose love tends ancient curse. The backdrop of this beautiful, funny and a little sad story began green foothills of the Tien Shan, silvery panorama of Issyk-Kul and white roofs of Montmartre.

The invitation to come to Moscow Natasha Regnier accepted instantly. A few years ago she was here with her ex-husband, a famous musician Jan Tiersen (author of the music for the film "Amelie" and "Good Bye, Lenin!"). Many did not have time to see, because Moscow was only part of a huge tour Tiersen European cities, in which she participated as a singer. By the way, in "The Wedding Chest" Natasha in a very funny episode, she sings, or rather sings when drunk (with grief, on the basis of the disorder with the groom, together with the local drunkard) - Irish ballad. Since that tour, much has changed in her life, there was a lovely Liz, who is now four years old, she was with her mother on the set in Kyrgyzstan. And recently in the life of Natasha Regnier entered a new love named Morgan, with whom she starred in one of his films recently. Natasha is looking forward to meeting with the crew, with whom she spent a wonderful month at the shore of Issyk-Kul.

On the eve of the premiere of Natasha Regnier he answered the questions of our correspondent.

- Where did the name Natasha? Do you have Russian roots?

- No, just my parents - my mother is a psychologist, and my dad disc jockey, the former owner of the circus tent - like the name, it was Natasha, not Natalie. I am a Belgian by birth, but has long been living and working in Paris. Grandma I Englishwoman.

- With what feelings are you going to Moscow?

- With great pleasure. I want to meet with the director, cameraman, scriptwriter, with all my favorite crew and support the picture, which I love and consider it a very important one.

- If the situation does not seem a little fictional film? The Girl from Paris rides with the groom in his native wilderness, it`s all there like she was even ready to stay there forever, and he mumbles and parents afraid to admit that she is his bride? Does this conflict, European viewers will understand?

- This situation is, in my opinion, it is vital, in fact - to date, understandable to all. A lot of children grow up and leave their homes. Leave to study, work, faced with another culture and are returning home as strangers. Adult children do not want to quarrel with parents, family traditions change, but at the same time, they are already living a different life, which does not want to leave. The story in this film it seems understandable to people of all countries. The young man left home, went to the West, met with a different culture, and returns home a changed man. He does not want to disappoint his family, break the tradition, but he can not follow his destiny. It is so typical of today are constantly going on around. And the world is open - and our film to witness filmed russkierezhisser Kirghiz, I am from France, participating in the formulation of the Germans.

- How important is this film in your career?

- The role of Isabelle in "The Wedding Chest" - one of my favorites. If I like a director, and I want to work with him, I will follow him to the ends of the world. For me, meeting with Nurbek was a very important event. I felt that this is a very serious, talented director and he had in his hands an excellent material. A visit to Issyk-Kul for me it was a real adventure.

- Who are you closer by nature - strong girl, gloomy, and unlucky, or tender, feminine Isabelle?

- I feel close to Isabelle. I myself seem a bit secretive, sometimes I need to be alone. But my friends and family are well aware of the other side of my nature - cheerful, cheerful and sociable. I was quite different in "The Dreamlife of Angels" and "Criminal Lovers". Nurbek let me express the cheerful side of my nature, and I told him very grateful for that.