Picture of Nas

Place of birth : New York, USA

Citizenship : SShA

Originalnoe name: Nasir Dzhons

Original name: Nasir Nasir Jones


For the past four years, Nas called hip-hop demigod. In 1994, he recorded superklassny album "Illmatic", which was addressed truthful street storyteller. It was not long, and one morning he woke up famous ,when his second album "It Was Written" debuted at the 1st place of hip-hop charts " Billboard ", and a whole constellation of new rappers were founded upon sound Nas.

Along with fellow countrymen from Kuincbridzha MOBB DEEP and Raekwon of the WU-TANG CLAN Nas tucked the new voice of hip hop East Coast, and its joint venture with Foxy Brown,AZ and Nature The FIRM company under the leadership of Dr. Dre was one of superprojects 1997. Nasir Jones (Nasir Jones) was born in 1974 on Long Island (the island part of New York) . Growing up on the streets of Queensbridge (abbreviated Queens) , son of the famous jazz composer Olu Dara (Olu Dara),speaking on the same stage with Cassandra Wilson and James Almere We became interested in rap at age 9 and in the mid-80s joined the team DEVASTINT the SEVEN, one of the street projects Queensbridge, who gave hip-hop legends JUICE CREW and Marley Marl, MC Shan, Kool G. Rap, Biz Markie, Big Daddy Kane and Craig G, as a solo rapper. When we were turned out at the microphone, he could a few words to describe, through which passes almost every black man living in New York, and it was not banal phrase television reporters that their boss instructed to hit the road in the ghetto, take some pictures and a few dollars tape the story of a negro or Latino ,as they suck live. In 1989, we are introduced to Large Professor, producer MAIN SOURCE, ERIC B. AND RAKIM and Kool G. Rap, who represents him with his group and Nasa `s voice in the chorus is "Live At The BBQ" from the classic debut album MAIN SOURCE "Breaking Atoms " in 1990 on a par with Joe Fatal, Akinelye and Large Professor.This proved to be the best advertisement, and we have become a weekly basis to perform at New York`s streets, passing selling (at a low price, of course) their first demo, with which he hoped to get the contract. But the death of his best friend and his brother`s murder was nearly crippled his will. Maybe,heartbroken We never would have become a real rapper, if not a former member of 3RD BASS MC Serch, a figure which fell to Nasu eyes a year after the success of "Live At The BBQ". Serch was sure that such a talented guy like us, long ago has a contract, but when he learned that he was going to leave a big game ,considered it his duty to save the talent of the people. Serch immediately mobilized his vocals for his next single "Back To The Grill" and recorded together with us, and Large Professor strongest thing "Halftime" for the soundtrack to the film "Zebrahead", produced by, in fact, was. So in 1993, we`ve got a contract with the production company Serch Serchlite Music and the following year became a priority artist for Columbia Records. Using an underground fame of this genius, we now could record their debut album with any producer. Guba he was not a fool ,and a workshop cutting disc "Illmatic" was enthusiastically received by both ordinary mainstream and deep underground. The newspaper "New York Times" wrote : " We are building a street chronicle not only the facts of black, but also in the humor and humanity. .. He talks about violence, not praising him in his texts the real life circumstances. .. wins. . " And the magazine " Time " called the crowded living emotions album Nas " midnight bell, designed to awaken the consciousness of the listener. " We are his manner of reading was able to get away from the routine called in the press " bitches and hoTs " themes and became a real mouthpiece of his ghetto. A good example is - opens the "Illmatic" track "New York State Of Mind",where we read a keyboard accompaniment producer DJ Premier (of GANG STARR), and continued his duo Nas and his protege AZ to " LifeTs A Bitch", which has the chorus : " LifeTs ab * tch and then you die / ThatTs why we get high / Cause you never know when youTre gonna go " (translation, I think, is not needed) . But despite the terrible childhood memories ,compositions such as "One Love" (a true story about how his rapper friend Cormega was able to beat the cancer) with ksilofonovymi hooks another producer of the disc Q-Tip (of A TRIBE CALLED QUEST) and "The World Is Yours" (-produced Pete Rock) impregnated with great optimism, inspiring primarily self-confidence and love of neighbor ,who always give up hope for a better life. And "

It AinTt Hard To Tell " We are together with the same Large Professor, the chief producer of the album, said to open his eyes to the negative easy to deal with as it is much more difficult. And he`s like no one else close to the truth. Well,after such a spectacular leap forward next two years, it gave the impression that this reasonable Niger under force alone change the world. And the benefit to do this, he put in his second album "It Was Written", before graced albums AZ, Kool G. Rap and MOBB DEEP.Brooklyn duo THE TRACKMASTERZ took over the main production work while recording "It Was Written", and the album does not disappoint, making his debut in the summer of 1996 immediately on the 1st place of the American hip-hop charts (despite the fact that "Illmatic", as the I would be good as it was, above 12th place could not jump) . It is also knownWhat makes us specially flew to Los Angeles in the studio Dr. Dre, to record the song "Nas Is Coming". Dre made her producer and once again proved that the war between the coasts - it is a complete nonsense. Among other guests of note Havoc MOBB DEEP, who became the producer of the two tracks (including "Live Niggas Rap" with vocals by Nas, Havoc and ProdigyHis partner in the group) , DJ Premier, issued the "I Gave You Power", as well as two songs from L.E.S. and one on LIVE SQUAD and Jo Jo (from JODECI). And, of course, let`s not forget about the loudest single of the album "If I Ruled The World" with vocals cuties Lauryn Hill of the Fugees. Those of you who think that big money spoil NASAYou should better listen to this song. We have always been and will remain a son of the ghetto and never sell and would not exchange it for anything, because in Queens he spent his childhood, there remained his most loyal friends. You do not have to live there, the main thing - to remember where you`re from. Many people, after watching " The Godfather " are gangsters ,eager to cheap power, they take up arms, sell drugs and go on the corpses. But, he says us, if you build your life with a pistol in his hand, and you will die from it. Not everything can be bought for money. And it is most important that we should understand all of the former ghetto children, who have long lived in the shit ,dreamed of getting rich, and at one point, have tasted the forbidden fruit, he. You must be able to stop in time. .. back to the album, it is impossible not to notice another song called "Affirmative Action", the first " kollaboreyt " Nas a young and his colleagues on the new project The FIRM.We obviously grew out of clothes solo artist and made here as the creator, who turned a single, but still unique in its properties in a rainbow of color. Sexy Beauty Foxy Brown, one of the most popular East Coast rapper who worked with Jay-Z and Case,and full of promise and NATURE AZ made a strong alliance with our hero in their debut album "Firm Biz" (Dr. Dre producer) and even troubles with copyright on the name of "The Firm", which still belongs to the duo of Jimmy Page and Paul Rodgers recorded two albums for them in the mid-80s ,It did not prevent them boldly declare their considerable ambitions. They got a unique sound, own written songs for themselves, so not all the same as to call themselves, The FIRM or NAS ESCOBAR, FOXY BROWN, AZ and NATURE present The FIRM ?! However, this is not the only company Nasa. Last summer, the first time we wrote a song together with his father. "Jungle Jay" album entered the Olu Dara "In the World: From Natchez to New York". At the end of October 1998 went no less stellar and decent work Nas, DMX and Method Man "The Grand Final". And behind all this hype a third party, he did not forget about his solo work.After several transfers in February should finally be available for sale his third album, the double "I Am. .. The Autobiography", recorded with the participation of Ghostface Killah, Method Man, DJ Premier, AZ, Raekwon

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