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Date of Birth: 09/06/1976

Age: 40

Place of birth: North London

Citizenship: United Kingdom


Author: Alexei Bulatov

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British actress has managed to attract the attention of the regulars cinema two very interesting characters. On the one hand, ruthless Selena, skillfully owning a machete, a fantastic thriller Danny Boyle `spustya` 28 days of 2002, with another -` sea vedmoy` named Tia Dalma, in the famous movie `Pirates of the Caribbean: mertvetsa` and sequel `Pirates of the Caribbean: At Sveta`. Between `Piratami` Harris more or less realize themselves in other projects, including the game Detective Trudy Joplin in action movie `Miami Vice: Department nravov` of 2006.

Melanie Naomi Harris was born on September 6, 1976 the first in North London, England. She was the only child telestsenarista Liesel Kayla. At an early age, Naomi began her acting accomplishments, joining the theater school Anna Scher. While studying at the prestigious children`s drama club in London, Harris began to pass on the role of listening in television, inspired by the founder of this school. Thus, the aspiring actress got a place in the children`s English TV series `Simon and the Witch` and a recurring role in the popular fiction series about young people with special abilities` The Tomorrow People`.

In 1992, Naomi entered Pembroke College at Cambridge University to study social and political science. But her interest in the performing arts did not cease, and in 1998, Harris applied for a scholarship in drama school Bristol Old Vic. She received `dobro`, and in 2002, almost immediately after, hit the cast of the horror film` spustya` 28 days. This picture has gained success all over the world, and itself Harris scored a lot of positive press reviews that for a beginner - a real gift. Now it is well known not only at home but also overseas.

Among the British projects with its participation noted comedy `Living in Hope` and the role of the family home daughter evangelists in teleekranizatsii Zadie Smith`s novel White` zuby` that allowed Naomi even more to reveal their acting talents. Harris also has done with getting used to the role of an activist of the Labour Party in the miniseries `The Party`.

As for the American film industry, there is an English actress without hesitation agreed to be Sophia, the police detective with a charming accent residents of the Bahamas, in the thriller Brett Ratner `After zakata` with Pierce Brosnan and Don Cheadle.

She received an unusual and prominent role in the British psychological thriller `Travma` a famous actor Colin Firth. However, the film directed by Marc Evans outside the US special audience response is not found. And yet, the more and work hard Naomi, the more press called it `budding aktrisoy`.

Spectators who came to love Naomi Harris, initially did not even recognize her in the face of the fortuneteller Dalma in the second part of the pirate adventure film `Pirates of the Caribbean: mertvetsa`. Her carefully made-up `nagradili` hideous blackened teeth and along the script is often faced with the captain of the ship` Flying Gollandets`, Davy Jones (played by Bill Nighy). But it is extremely unattractive Dalma by Harris and then hinted at his audience sensibility, thanks in no small measure contributed to the body language and tone husky voice actress. In the sequel to the film, `Pirates of the Caribbean: At Sveta`, Dalma has been allocated more screen time, and revealed her secret that she actually - Calypso, goddess of the sea.

Between filming in `Piratah` Naomi played a detective in the movie` Miami Vice: nravov` Division, without giving up the sex scenes with the owner `Oskara`, actor Jamie Foxx. She returned to London to work in the metaphysical comedy of Michael Winterbottom`s Tristram Shandy `: The Story of a cockerel and bychka` with Steve Coogan, Rob Brydon and Keeley Hawes.

In 2009, Harris traveled once in four survey areas, working on comedy `My Last Five podruzhek`, action game` NINJA ubiytsa` and two television movies, `Small Island` and` Blood and Oil`. In 2010-th in the schedule of the actress are two main roles in the drama Matthew Whitecross` Sex, drugs and rock-n-roll` and Justin Chadwick`s biopic `The First Grader`.

Naomi was able to overcome a lot of problems in his life. She grew up without a father, suffered taunts in school and `` miserable stay at Cambridge, where, according to her, she cried every day for three consecutive years, to all of a sudden become a celebrity in the UK. `When I entered the University of Cambridge, my mother said that I would not meet his level, and she was right ... I hate it. I am very different from these people. They talked about Eton (prestigious college) and skiing, and I was a black girl from Finstbari Park. I just felt so alone ... I was very unhappy and cried every den`.

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