Nadejda Ozerova

Picture of Nadejda Ozerova

Date of Birth: 05/18/1960

Age: 49

Citizenship: Russia


Honored Artist of the Russian Federation (1999)


Hope Ozerov was born May 18, 1960. In 1981 she graduated from Sverdlovsk, now Yekaterinburg, drama school, where her teacher was V.M.Nikolaev. After graduating from college Hope Ozerov he worked in Yekaterinburg Theater of Young Spectators.

Among the theatrical works of Hope Ozerova appear roles in such productions as "Snegurushka" - the role of Baba Yaga; "Winter`s Tale" - the role of Hermon; "The Life and suffering of St. Great Martyr Fevronia." - Role Ierii; "The Seagull" - the role of Masha; "Miracle" - the role of Mrs. Sullivan; "Farewell in June" - the role of Tanya; "Intergirl" - the role of Tanya; "Roman and Yulkak" - the role of Yulka.

Started a film career

The first role of Nadezhda Ozerova were played in films shot at the Sverdlovsk film studio. She made her debut actress cameo role in the film in 1980, "chief director Vladimir Semakova Designer fulfilled the role of a girl-geologist in the adventure film two years later." Search and Destroy ", where starring the remarkable Russian actors: Boris Nevzorov Alexander Voevodin A in 1983. Tatiana actress played a role in the war drama "Here`s your front."

1987 was marked in the filmography of Hope Ozerova starring role in a short film directed by Alexei Balabanov "Previously, it was a different time." This course work Balabanov was filmed during his studies at the Higher Courses for Scriptwriters and Directors.


In the 90 years Ozerov Hope continued to work at the Sverdlovsk film studio. In 1992 it could be seen in several projects: in the film "Silence" she fulfilled the role of Lida, in the painting, "Go and do not look back," the actress appeared in the episode, and in the comedy directed by Vitaly Koltsov "I myself - vyatskiy native" created by motives Kuprina "Living water" Hope lit Ozerov as Zinaida beauty. In this film about a Russian man who discovered the source of living water, the actress successfully made the company such as the cinema veterans Mikhail Ulyanov, Maria Vinogradova and Yevgeny Lebedev.

A year later, Nadezhda Ozerova starred in the melodrama director Yaropolk Lapshin "Love commissioned" and Sergei Martyanova kinopovesti "And ever return." Then, as an actress in the film career came a forced break. On the set she was back in the new century.


Beginning of the new century brought Nadezhda Ozerova a number of roles in the movie. She starred in the adventure melodrama "Huntsman" (Antonina), action-packed movie "The Truth About schelpah" (Anna), the melodrama "Two Drivers". The most it is a great success was the participation in the film by director Alexei Muradov and screenwriter Yuri Solodova "Snake". In this psychological drama actress she played the role of his wife`s Interior Ministry officer, resulting in the executions. Joyless life spouses drunken and forgotten by all provinces brightened only confined to a wheelchair disabled son, dreaming of the day when will be able to recover, and with his father to fly a kite ... The film was awarded numerous prizes at Russian and international film festivals.

Among recent works actress - scenes in films and television series: "Churchill", "Loop," "foundry, 4", "Goodbye," Makarov ".


Hope Ozerov passed away in 2009. The daughter of the great actresses - Kate Zhivoglyadova talked a lot about his mother in his interviews, memoirs.


1980 Home

1982 Search and Destroy

1983 Here`s your front

1985 Memory photo

Before 1987 it was a different time - a short

1992 Silence

1992 I myself - born vyatskiy

1992 Go and do not look back

1993 Love on request

And back in 1993 forever

2001 Two Drivers

2002 Circus

2002 Snake

2003 Celles

2003 The Truth About schelpah

2004 Huntsman

2009 Churchill - series

2010 Goodbye, "Makarov"!

2010 loop

2010 Foundry, 4 (Season 4) - series

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