Nadejda Markina

Picture of Nadejda Markina

Date of Birth: 01/29/1959

Age: 57

Place of birth: Dmitrievka

Citizenship: Russia


Author: Igor BIN

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Winner of the "Golden Mask" for Best Actress (1998, for the play "Five Evenings")

Winner of the prize "For the Best Actress at the Indian International Festival (2011, for the film" Elena ")


Nadezhda Markina, a native of the district center Dmitrievka Tambov region, after graduation entered GITIS them. Lunacharsky. She studied first at the course Iosif Tumanov, then at the great master Anatoly Efros.

In 1983, Nadezhda Markina graduated from GITIS. She worked at the Taganka Theater, was busy in the performances: "Living Water" (Barbara), "The Dawns Here Are Quiet ..." (Lisa Brichkina), "Wooden Horses" (Vasilisa Melentevna), "One" (Tanya Pesotskaya).

From 1992 to 1998, Nadezhda Markina was an actress of the Theatre on Malaya Bronnaya. Over the years it had played such roles as: Regan in "King Lear" by Shakespeare, Anna Ustinovna Kiselnikova in "Deeps" Ostrovsky, Festina in the play "Miller - a sorcerer, a deceiver and a Matchmaker" Sonya "Leshem" AP Chekhov, Tamara "Five evenings" Volodin. Brilliant work actress - Elizabeth Yepanchin role in the trilogy on the novel by Dostoyevsky`s "The Idiot" - "shameless", "poor knight", "Russian light".

Later he played in the Moscow Art Theatre performances. Gorky "The Lower Depths" Theater. Gogol`s "Black Milk" private theatrical staged by Valery Fokin`s "The Old Love". For his role in the play "Five Evenings" actress in 1998 he was awarded the prestigious prize "Golden Mask".


In the movie, Nadezhda Markina started acting in the mid-80s. However, those small roles in the films "bowed to the ground," "distant voice Cuckoo", "Moscow speaking" Today hardly anyone remembers. As Isami movies.

A new period of actress film career began with the birth of the Russian cinema. Her first job - a role Chukhonka Christine in the popular television series "St. Petersburg secrets", enjoyed great success with the audience in the second half of the 90s. Since the beginning of the new century, Nadezhda Markina regularly starred in television series and feature films. Her heroines are women of middle age very different fate, often mothers, aunts, etc. Among actresses characters: the Queen Mother in the melodrama "Under the North Star" Lyudmila Kovrigina in the series "Turkish March", Tatiana Savicheva in the series` plot, "Shura in the melodrama" Women in a game without rules, "Nina in the TV series" Station " Ksenia Petrovna in the series "Private detective", Claudia M., mother of Sergei in the series "palmist" Antonina in the thriller "Dead, alive, dangerous," Olga Petrovna Yakushkina in the series "Your honor," aunt Nadia in the series "Strange secrets" and al.

In 2010, Nadezhda Markina played a major role in the drama of Andrei Zvyagintsev`s "Elena". The picture is telling us about the relationship of elderly spouses belonging to different social circles. They met late in life and each one has children from previous marriages ... The deep psychological tape praised the audience and experts. At the Moscow premiere of the film, marked by festivals prizes at Cannes and the United States, there was a real "pereanshlag" celebrities. See the long-awaited movie theater came as the regulars, and the stars, rarely appearing in public. In 2011, the painting was presented at the international festival of Indian and Hope Markin there waiting for a great success - the prize for Best Actress.