Picture of N.w.a.

Place of birth : Los Angeles, USA

Citizenship : United States


In the 87th gets fame gets Boyz N "The Hood - debut song 18 -year-old Ice Cube (real name O ` Shea Jackson) of South Central, Los Angeles. In the 90s he became famous as a rapper - wing extremist ,defender of the rights of blacks as the MC, a good vtryahnuvshy America for its socio - political texts. ..

Song Remix hit the album Eazy-E (which it and sang) "Eazy-Duz-It" in 1988, and the original appeared misrepresented the year NWA album. This group was a real breakthrough in the history of this style in the 87-th nailed Ice Cube and two chuvachkov from Compton (Los Angeles suburb) - musician Andre Young, better known as DR. Dre`s, and crime boss Eric Wright, who took the nickname of Eazy-E. Eazy was one of the heroes of this gang rap, cygravshim major role rather than as a MC (mostly he read the works of others) as well as the creator of the legendary label Ruthless Records and a brilliant producer, who knew where to invest money. In the past, Eazy E was trading in drugs and is rumored to zarabotanye money in this business and founded the label. True or not - is not known, but do the same Eazy coming on the scene with this tied up - it`s a fact. A little later to join NWA MC Ren (Lorenzo Patterson) and DJ Yella (Anthony Kerrebi) , and Arabian Prince (Mik Lezan) and The D.O.C (Tray Curry). First, in 1988 poyavilsyaih debut album "NWA & the Posse", where besides them chitalaesche a lot of people with whom the boys closely communicated. The album did not become revolutionary, but his shot the way a group -I began to listen to the young guys. And in 1989, Eazy E, Dr.Dre, Ice Cube, DJ Yella, MC Ren, and Arabian Prince released already revolutionary ckandalny "Straight Outta Compton", containing such cause songs like "F *** The Police", by which the actual, the group and hit the black list of the FBI ,to uphold the moral image of the nation. They certainly were not the first who vysskazyval their dissatisfaction " servants of the law," Ice T were in phrases like "fuckin police", even older rappers vysskazyvali discontent. But to devote an entire issue to this song, and very directly and unequivocally - NWA undoubtedly the first. Also interesting is that disk is a song Gangsta, Gangsta, from which the term appeared gangsta- rap. Other " immortal " achievements NWA include the creation of the slogan of gang - hop "Life is ain" t nothing, but bitches and money ", that in a free translation into Russian language means something like" Life is nothing other than heifers and money. "In general, almost all the songs are if nekultovymi songs, revealing exactly what - they do not call to kill anyone, they do not talk wet all right and left. They just say that if anyone tries to fuck them, then he will have a hard time. They just talk about the style of his life. They show life in the black ghettos across krase- violencePolice lawlessness, drugs, murder. There are no ratings for better or worse. There is a real picture of what is happening, no more, no less.

Unfortunately, soon, namely one year, Ice Cube his departure marked the beginning of the disintegration of this authoritative rap project. He is a very great row with manager Eazy E and Ruthless Records Jerry Heller " ohm. According to Cube it received far less than was supposed. Later, he moved to New York, and there together with his old friend Sir Jinx, tusoy BOMB SQUAD and group PUBLIC ENEMY began recording solo albomai soon created his own label, Street Knowledge. In his new album "Efil4Zaggin" N.W.A commemorated unkind Ice Cube word " and ,which is more than they paid in the Death Certificate album in the song "No Vasiline". NWA long without it stretched - Dre soon followed suit Cube " and he also firmly grappled with Eazy E and left the NWA Together with Shugom Knight Dre engaged in the creation of the label Death Row Records, which became the main opponent of Ruthless,.and eventually the group as such has ceased to exist in the 91st.

Raspail guys are not abandoned his career, in addition to the above projects Dr. Dre and Ice Cube " and in solo left everyone who was associated with the NWA. The D.O.C, seen from the first album the NWA in 89 recorded his solo album, he was still on Ruthless, but when Dre and Suge Knight founded Death Row,gone over to them. Arabian Prince also not gone into oblivion and end 89 also recorded his solo album. Eazy E a solo albums before the NWA, again began to read in solo and raskurchivat young talents. MC Ren first limited EP in 1992, and then began to produce albums. DJ Yella first only worked on the music in other people`s albums,his solo album he released only in 1996.