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Citizenship : SShA

Originalnoe name: Michael Tayler

Original name: Michael Tyler


Mystikal has got its own style and name of the coarse drill sergeants yelling on the battlefield. "Anyone who really knows me, knows that I am truly close to God. " - Says Mystikal.

He is now 27 years old, he otets three children. He studied at the Cohen High School,where he was a leader - inspirer. After school, he enlisted in the army. Later, in 19 years, he was sent to participate in " Desert Storm " operation. While in the service, Mystikal was the commander of the mechanics. Once he was caught AWOL and was sent to a military prison. Mystikal has got its own style and name of the coarse drill sergeants ,screaming on the battlefield. Being in the army, Mystikal wrote his first hit "I`m not that nigga". After 8 months of active service in the war in the Gulf, Mystikal returned to New Orleans, where after began to build his hip- hop career. He became a member of a local group called the 39 Posse. They had a small studio ,so Mystikal got in touch with them by phone, and the group began to make for him a demo recording, which has helped a sister Mystikal`a. By the way, Mystikal`a sister, Michelle Elizabeth Tyler was killed by her boyfriend`om and dream together Mystikal`a become known failed. Mystikal loved my sister and I knew that was going to dedicate his life toto become a big rap star for his sister. Mystikal tells the full story of the murder in "Murder2" composition. By 1992, Mystikal released his first single, "I`m not that nigga", where his sister was involved in Beck `s vocals. Three years later, he signed a contract with Big Boy Records and released his first album with the same name.A year later, he signed with Jive studio and released their second album "Mind of Mystikal". Then, in mid- May 1997 Mystikal worked on the composition of the soundtrack of the film "I`m Bout It". At first, he tried to join the big guys with No Limit, and wrote the song "Whatchu Think?". After Master P heard solo hit Mystikal`a ,he was offered a contract by No Limit Records studio. Master P gave Mystikal`u opportunity to read along with Mia X song "Who`s Got The Clout?" From her album "Unladylike", and together with Steady Mobb`n song "It`s On". After signing the contract, I met with Mystikal KLC, running in No Limit, who had his own label ,who began working with Mystikal`om. In mid- October 1997 Mystikal released his first album on No Limit - "Unpredictable". From that moment Mystikal has become one of the foundations No Limit`a. It is recognized by the noise and rough compositions. Now he is a member of Master`a 504 P Da Boyz, consisting of Nino Brown`a (Master P), G-Money (Mystikal) and Vito (Silkk the Shocker). In 1998, Mystikal released his new album at No Limit`e - "Ghetto Fabulous".

His story is a little bit similar to the Young Bleed`a history. Mystikal was one of the first rappers from New Orleans, blow up people. When it comes time for a dense lyrics on this side of the Mississippi,nobody does it better Mystikal`a. 9 years lyricist from Crescent City still bears the title of King of the Black Prince in the south for its dense unpredictable composition; his lyrics are so volatile and bright that it can be described simply as a legend of the ghetto. With the advent of the new millennium, Mystikal shook rap fans with his new album "Let`s Get Ready. .."" With this album, I feel like a graduate in the rap game," - says Mystikal. "I pay tribute, and now is the time for me to shine in a new direction. "

Mystikal began his knowledge of hip-hop in 1980 (also called the golden era of hip-hop) , where hip- hop scene of New Orleans dybilas from raw, untapped talent as a pioneer Warren Mayes,MC Thick, Gregory D, Mannie Fresh. All these above lyrics to Crescent City played an important role for the development of his own style Mystikal`a.

" Some of those who had a great influence on me, were MS New Orleans, such as Gregory D. He was one of the first recorded in New Orleans. Mannie Fresh, Sporty T, MC Thick. .. "" With the album " Unpredictable " I was finally a sophomore. With the first album, I got up from the local to national ; Accordingly, I got up from the national to supernationally. "

His third album "Ghetto Fabulous" also reached platinum status and approved Mystikal`a position as a national superstar. Now, with two platinum and one gold in his belt, the young MC from New Orleans fluttered into the stratosphere with his fourth album "Let`s Get Ready. ..", produced in part by the production of veteran hits - Beats By The Pound and legendary producer from New Orleans - Precise`om (he produced the first album Mystikal`a) . The variety of sounds ,offered its producers, makes the new project Mystikal`a collection flapping tracks on the ears of every rap fan on the planet`s surface. The composition "Shake Ya Ass" has a hypnotic rhythm. The composition "The Braids" Mystikal uses fire lyrics. Another song "Some Of Us Is not Gone See Tomorrow".Inspired by a deep faith in God Mystikal`a, it is a self-analysis, where Mystikal explores socio - political essays. "Anyone who really knows me, knows that I am truly close to God. " - Says Mystikal. "I just wanted to make a song that reminds people of how serious life".

No questions,album "Let`s Get Ready. .." the most ambitious project. This record, which shows in Mystikal`e full of fire and energy that made it a classic album. This record, which proves once and for all that Mystikal ready to lead hip- hop in the new millennium. " I walked many miles in hip-hop. " - Says Mystikal about his career. " But I`m still growing. Mark my words, it will be my era. "

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