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Nice young people, educated, Intelligence, the church `s walk (where, incidentally, met). They play punk rock. Melodic such incendiary, and not "real".

In 1993in Bremerton, Seattle suburb, three young, but fairly confident person Michael Arthur Herrera (vocals / bass), Yuri Zane Ruley (drums) and Andy Huesed (respectively - guitar) decided that. .. In fact, it is not known what they were currently nareshal, and that pushed them to the creation of the group,but the fact remains: they put together a group. And so hard, enough for a whole decade. That`s really the second dozen went.

In those times, all three have learned in school, all the free time spent, doing skateboarding and had them all, nothing - for 17 years. To each. His group they called Magnified Plaid (as translated name,I honestly find it difficult to say) - in honor of the fact that Andy loved to wear shirts in the Scottish cage.

After playing at school parties and other haunts of vice guys kakim-somehow contrived to drag the representatives of the independent record label Tooth & Nail in the garage to the parents of Mike,which simply is forced to listen to their entire repertoire. Representatives of the independent label Tooth & Nail, listened thoughtfully nodded his head and offered a contract group. Those and agreed. Vypustiv seven-inch single, " 17 " and the album "Pokinatcha" Magnified Plaid realized that with this name does not go far. Although by that time they already had a minivan in which they traveled all the north - west coast, but some sense of - that inner dissatisfaction did not leave.

Remembering the adage "like a boat called, so it will float" the guys decided that something must be changed. MhRh name under which they are known today,there was an accident. Urey was in the band at the position of the artist / designer concurrently and generally responsible for the design. Drawing such as the poster for the next performance, he instead of points in the title M.P. I put crosses and turned M.R. = MhRh.

Like any self-respecting rock band MhRh not without changing composition.In place of Andy, who somehow scored to go to the next round, we invited Edmond Thomas Wisniewski. This all ended with the composition of perturbations (not even interesting somehow), and this trio is inseparable ever since.

After graduation, after playing a farewell to the prom, the boys went straight to the studio.After recording an album there, calling it "Teenage Politics", and delivered it into the hands of the same Tooth & Nail, musicians do not have to wait, as the public will take their new creation. They went on tour, where strongly touted newfound plate. Around the same time MhRh released EP "On The Cover",where the recorded cover versions of their favorite songs. The third album "Life In General", published in 1996, attracted the attention of the bosses A & M, who re-released the album in 1997. The album is the sound less rough, smoothed over and became almost a bestseller.At least the A & M did not regret that contacted the band and offered a full contract MhRh (thanks in no small measure contributed to the success of the video Chick Magnet on MTV).

Also in ` 97 MhRh joined the summer punk pioneer camp Vans Warped Tour, where they do not get lost in the background of the monsters of punk rock like Rancid,Bad Religion and other NOFXov. In 1998, the tour continued a tour of Europe, where MhRh were support band for Bad Religion (Greg Hetson - guitarist of the latter, by the way, in pouchavstvoval Life In General recording). But tours were united live musicians.Their new album "Slowly Going The Way Of The Buffalo" in some way MhRh returned to his roots, fast, melodic pop - punk. As Mike says: "Life In General was neat, straightforward pop album, and we liked it, but this time we did everything a little dirtier. "Guitar Greg Hetsona again pouchavstvovat recording.To album made by various icons / stickers / magnets for refrigerators and other small things (strictly for members of the fan club!) As well as the Christmas single "Christmas Only Comes Once a Year", released not strange for Christmas.

During the tour to support the album, which was held with great success,MhRh recorded a live concert album "At The Show" (1999). One of the best live albums, by the way, from all I`ve heard.

The producer of the next album became Jerry Finn - the guru of pop - punk (worked with Blink- 182, Green Day, Rancid, etc. etc.). The Ever Passing Moment (so-called album) mixed in a bunch of pop melodymusic and the sharpness and speed of punk rock. The mixture was a success, giving fans the hits Responsibility or Foolish.

MhRh have something to say to your fans. Mike Herrera said that it "really bothers a lot in this life: greed, distrust and confusion of people Every something is missing..For many people, life seems to suck. But when I write songs, always trying to say that all is well. Not all the songs are serious and we do not care if someone they do not like. We love what we`re playing. "

In 2002, the band released the album "Ten Years And Running", sveobrazny best of.On the album there are the most famous hits in new treatment, a couple of new songs and a concert room. The new album is almost ready and will appear on the trays music stores this summer. Do not miss. MhRh again offer a melodic pop - punk of the highest quality.

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