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Birthday : 28.10.1973 year

Age: 42 year

Citizenship : SShA

Originalnoe name: Alvin Burke ml.

Original name: Alvin Burke Jr.


Burke first took up wrestling after being served 9.5 from 18.5 years in prison for armed robbery and kidnapping which he made in 16 years. He made his debut in wrestling in 2002-the year and worked on many different independent companies under the name Antonio Banks. Burke also worked for Full Impact Pro and TNA.

Alvin Junior Burke (born 28 October 1973rd year) , also known as Hassan Khamin Assad and Antonio Banks. Now serves on the WWE brand SmackDown! under the name Montel Vontavius Porter or MVP.A former United States champion. His possession of the title was the longest since a WWE regained the title in 2001, the year and the third for the duration of the entire title of the story. He also was a team WWE champion.

Burke first took up wrestling after being served a 9.5 out of 18 ,5 years in prison for armed robbery and kidnapping which he made in 16 years. He made his debut in wrestling in 2002, the year and worked on many different independent companies under the name Antonio Banks. Burke also worked for Full Impact Pro and TNA.

In the 2005`s, after the performances at house shows and dark matches ,Burke has signed a contract for development with WWE and was sent to study at DSW. He received a gimmick Vontaviusa Montel Porter (MVP) - a self-confident, possessed an athlete. Gimmicks partially copied from the fictional NFL player Rod Tidwell (Cuba Gooding Junior) from the movie " Jerry Maguire " and actually existing Terrell Owens. MVP made his first appearance on the TV show WWE on August 4th 2006 on an episode of SmackDown !, during which commentators have described him as a free agent. The initial story shows us how women crowded around the MVP and security, and General Manager of SD ! Teddy Long persistently vededet negotiations with him to get him on the show. In his MVP segments behaved very arrogantly, it stops the conversation to answer the phone or mobile admire its treasures. Finally, on September 26th at the press conference video Porter announces that it has signed a major contract in the history of SmackDown !.

The debut in the ring MVP made on holiday No Mercy 2006. Its output to the ring was decorated like the outputs in the NFL - through inflatable tunnel. On the show, he defeated the unknown wrestler Marty Garner. During the match, John Bradshaw Layfield and Michael Cole decried the choice of opponent, saying that it was necessary to choose the enemy is more serious and mocking his suit, calling him pathetic.Fans called him a suit suit Pauer Reydzhera.

On the next SmackDown! Porter demanded a more serious opponent to prove the role it plays in the WWE. He received his opponents in Kane, who made his debut on SmackDown !. They began a two-month standoff, which won the MVP in a street fight and the match in a steel cage ,before losing in the inferno match at Armageddon 2006. In the story, the game has received from first-degree burns and was out for a while.

After the feud with Kane, MVP sights on Chris Benoit and his title of champion of the United States. In bild-apah for the match MVP invited to SD! different imaginary champions in different sports and defeated them in a short squash.

In the end, he met with Chris Benoit at WrestleMania 23. MVP festival dominated the entire match, but lost in the end. In the rematch on prazdnikeBacklash Porter suddenly lost from the " Inner Cradle ". At Judgment Day 2007 finally defeated Benoit in a match " 2 wins out of 3 " and received the title of champion of the United States. Such a long feud with Chris Benoit was created to MVP get more experience and improve your skills.

The first major feud for the title began with Metta Hardy because MVP began to assertHardy that he is better at all after it won the festival Great American Bash 2007. When MVP revealed heart syndrome Wolff - Parkinson - White This formed the basis of the story, that MVP lost Mettu competition in arm -wrestling of -this his disease. MVP given segment "VIP-box " for the promotion of the match Evander Holyfield (who replaced him) vs. Matt Hardy in a boxing show on mast Saturdays Night`s Main-Event. 24th August MVP bragged Teddy Longa could become a team champion with anyone, and at that moment entered the room, Matt Hardy. Next week, Matt and MVP defeated Deuce and Domino,It is making Porter a double champion.

At Matt and Montel had a bad attitude, they all competed in and helped each other in matches. At the same time MVP called himself the captain of the team and refused to defend the United States Title. They ended the championship on the SmackDown! on 16th November, when Matt demanded a match for the US title.On this day, they quickly lost the title to John Morrison and mizu. During this MVP attacked Hardy and injured his knee (plot. Hardy out of action due to appendicitis) .

Then they held brief feud with Mysterio Reyem and Ric Flair, as well as MVP got a place in the mast Money In The Bank at the festival WrestleMania XXIV.When MVP was on the stairs and was about to remove the case unexpectedly he returned Matt Hardy and held Porter " Turn of Fate", thereby starting the feud again. At the April festival Backlash Porter Hardy lost the title, ending his record 343 -day possession of the title, the third longest in the history of this title.

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