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Year of birth : 1992

Age: 23 year

Place of Birth : Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Citizenship : United States


"Mushroomhead" was originally formed in the spring of 1993 as a side project of members of several groups of Cleveland. Instigator of this case was the drummer named Skinny. All the musicians have long been familiar with each other, as their team rehearsed in the same building.

In order not to cause confusion in the heads of fans who are accustomed to see them in one place, the guys decided to use masks and makeup, hiding beneath their faces. So random idea later became branded chip "Mushroomhead".Another trick lies in the fact that in the group were two singer : Jay Mann (Jason Popson) - with a deep voice and Natsing Jeffrey (Jeff Hatriks) - a high-pitched voice. As for the rest, the guys played a typical nu- metal with all the ensuing consequences. By 1995, the boys have amassed enough material for the first album.

MushroomheadDebyutny self-titled album "Mushroomhead" from a distance on their own money. The disc was malozamechennym, and almost the same fate befell the second release, "Superbuick".

The matter little headway in 1998. Group received an offer from the "Roadrunner records", but for some reason it rejected the musicians. The third album, "M3", the team re- released on their own, but this time the riffs became heavier, forcing staff to pay attention to the broader mass audience.

Things reached the point ,that "Mushroomhead" in May 2000 had the opportunity to speak in the headline "Blossom Music Center", which was going up to 20,000 spectators. Next spring, the team was back on this event in the same role.

MushroomheadV the same year, under the banner of "Eclipse records" released their first "major " klivlendtsev album, "XX",is a compilation of the first three releases. In December 2001, the team concluded since "niversal" and re-released with a new cover plate and the addition of two tracks. Then clip on "Solitaire / Unraveling" was launched in MTV rotation. All this has brought "Mushroomhead" broad US fameand the band played a bunch of shows in the company of "Marilyn Manson", "Down", "Type O`Negative", "Misfits", "Anthrax", "Gwar", "Genitorturers", "Crowbar", and others.

Another studiynik gribogolovyh released October 24, 2003. "XIII" made its debut on the fortieth the charts "Billboard".The album was produced himself Skinny and only a few tracks he helped Johnny Kay ("Disturbed", "Soil", "Machine head"). The first single, released in support of the album, "Sun doesn`t rise", not only was launched in television and radio, but also heard in the soundtrack of "Freddy Vs Jason".

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Mushroomhead photo
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