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Year of birth : 2002

Age: 13 years

Place of birth : Des Moines, Iowa, United States

Citizenship : United States


"Murderdolls" - horror punk - glam - formation of the methyl US, appeared on the turn of the millennium. It served as a prototype of the group "The Rejects", collected drummer "Slipknot" Joey Jordison long before his core team has gained world-wide fame.

The composition of the "Rejects" suffered chronic instability, and therefore no movement did not come. The matter was put in motion in 1999 when, during a joint tour "Slipknot" -"Dope" Jordison met Tripp Eisen guitarist. He gladly supported the idea of the project, and soon their company as a bassist joined type named " on Wednesday 13 " (real name Joseph Poole, p. 12 August 1976) is the frontman "Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13 ". "Wednesday " brought with him a bunch of songs from the repertoire of his gang, so it is no wonder that he soon took up a position at the microphone. Completed the formation of the composition "Murderdolls" (so now became known as Project) bassist Eric Griffin and drummer Ben Graves. MurderdollsV 2002, the band recorded their debut LP "Beyond the Valley of the Murderdolls". Most of the material has been at loggerheads stvorchestva "Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13 " with the replacement of the words in the chorus and song titles. For example, "Galactic Chicken Shit" has become a "Slit My Wrist","Hooray for Horrorwood" in "Dead In Hollywood". In general, the main chip group was to shock the audience the themes of death, drugs and profanity with elements of horror like the TV show "The Munsters" and "The Addams Family", which was a Wednesday fan 13.

As for concerts "Murderdolls",here at "FDQ" was borrowed glemovy focus on their performances in the women`s dresses. In support of the album, the single "Dead in Hollywood" was released. In filming the video for the same song participated Marilyn Manson, thereby Jordison thanked for his appearance in "Tainted Love".

Murderdolls also "Murderdolls" held a successful concert tours ,Speaking on the same stage with the "Queens of the Stone Age", "Papa Roach", "Iron Maiden", "Foo Fighters" and "(Hed) P.E.". One time, however, the tour was nearly broke down because Tripp Eisen has decided to focus on the work in the "Static-X". As a matter of urgency to replace him have another former participant of "Dope" Asay Slade, and the problem was solved. In 2003th a new version of the album - a CD / DVD with the addition of bonus tracks "Crash Crash", "Let`s Fuck", "I Take Drugs", "White Wedding" (a cover of Billy Idol) and "I Love To Say Fuck". On "White Wedding" clip and released the eponymous single was filmed.

The Group has a train on tour, but soon its members scattered in different directions. Wednesday 13, in addition to "Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13 " was carried away solo career, Jordison continued to knock on the " of Slipknot ", Asay Slade patched fronted "Trashlight Vision", Griffin, in addition to participating in the "Napoleon Blownaparts" played with "Faster Pussycat", and Graves drumming Japanese tour "Dope".

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