Mullanur Vahitov

Picture of Mullanur Vahitov

Date of Birth: 08/10/1885

Age: 33

Citizenship: Russia


In 1906, member of the circle for the Study of Marxist. literature. In 1907 he entered the ehkon. Department of the St. Petersburg Polytechnic Institute. Since 1912 a law student at the St. Petersburg Institute of neuropsychiatric. He organized a literary circle (1912-1913) Muslim students; He befriended Manatovym Sh. Publicist and poet. The articles in the "Muslim Brothers. Newspaper" (P., 1912-14) wrote of the oppressed peoples of the Muslim East. In 1916, he expelled from the Inst for non-payment of tuition.

After the February Revolution of 1917 in Kazan meeting on March 7 hosted tat. makers to create Muslim Brothers. to-ta and approval of its program, Vahitov opposed. In the beginning. April. He organized and led the Muslim Brothers. soc. to-t (MSCs). the to-cerned was attended by the Bolsheviks. He was a member of the lips. KT societies, security (until July). May 23 elected to the lips. Zemstvo board, in charge of tech. department, participated in hands-ve Department bunks. Education, Prof.. Department and edited by the County newspaper: MIA Time. Prospect Island refused to fund the activities of the new rural council. Member of the lips. zem. to-ta (June - July). In the beginning. June lips. Cross, Congress adopted a resolution proposed by Vahitov on war, peace and land. Ed. Vakhitova June 15 released the 1st gas number. "Kizil Bayrak" ( "Red Flag") - MSC body in a rum he demanded the immediate transfer of power to the Soviets RSKD, the transfer of all land to the peasants, the dissolution of the State. Duma and the State. Council, publication of all contracts, made in the king`s allies and the recognition of their optionality for the peoples of Russia, ending the war, transition of all F-B & B-ing in the hands of the workers. Repeatedly speaking at a meeting of the 2nd All-Russia. Muslim Brothers. and the 1 st All-Russia. Muslim Brothers. mil. Congresses in Kazan (July - August.): "Only socialism will save the world, and for the prosperity and honor of the eastern peoples, I urge you to solve all complex phenomena only under the banner of socialism." ( "Independent Socialist", Kazan, 1917, August 14. ). On the lips meetings. Muslim Brothers. Congress (Oct. 11-12.) voted against the common Muslim Brothers. list in the elections in the inaugural, Coll .: MSCs led Vakhitov put forward its list (I. Alkin, A. Tsalikov, Vahitov et al.).

October 24-25. He participated in the armament. the struggle for the establishment of the Soviet. authorities in Kazan. Entered by MSCs in Kazan. Provisional. Roar. Staff (Revolutionary Committee), established on October 26. Together with the Left Socialist-Revolutionaries and Menshevik-Internationalists, speaking for the "homogeneous Sots. Pr-in" came out of the Revolutionary Committee of 28 October. inaugural member was elected. Coll. (From Kazan, izbirat. County Muslim Brothers. Soc. List) At the 3rd lips. Cross Congress (December) said. "The people in the great days of October overthrew the enemies of the people and called on the authorities to ... Tips RSKD inaugural Coll must only consolidate the conquest of bunks There was an example in the history of that inaugural Coll went on...... on roar. people "(" for land and freedom ", Kazan, 1917, December 13.).

January 2nd. 1918 the meeting devoted to leave for Petrograd to attend the inaugural. . Collected, Vahitov said: "Comrades, your fate is in your hands if you do not want to free the Muslim world once again found himself in distress, ... take Muslim affairs into their own hands ... The real revolution in Russia has made only October 25 . " ( "Kyzyl Bayrak" 1918, 8 January). He arrived in Petrograd on January 6, too late for the inaugural. Coll. Together with S. Manatovym January 7. VI spoke with Lenin, who advised the Muslim deputies of the Constituent Assembly - the supporters of the Soviet government to organize a central Islamic institution and begin to develop a decree concerning the Muslim population. January 17 Vahitov led the Commissariat for Internal Muslims. Russia (Central Muslim Commissariat - CMK) When Narkomnats RSFSR; member of the board of the People`s Commissariat. He was one of the signatories (March) Regulations on the Tatar-Bashkir Soviet Republic of the Russian Soviet Federation. At the initiative of Vakhitova was convened (March) in Moscow, the 1st All-Russia. conference of Muslim workers. to-heaven set up a socialist Muslim Central Committee; Vahitov was elected its members and chairman of the executive board komitetata. With Lenin`s consent at the direction Vakhitova to Kazan in March to eliminate the so-called "Zabulachnoy republic" was sent a detachment of sailors. At the IV Stalin signed a decree (March) on the Abolition of All-Russian Muslim Military Council. Since April, the Chairman of the Military Collegium of the SSC. He took part in the meeting in Moscow for the convening of Congress Uchreditelsnogo Tatar-Bashkir Soviet Republic (May); He joined the Commission on preparations for the congress. Together with Stalin signed a decree on the abolition of the All-Russian People`s Commissariat of the Muslim Council (May). Approved in May predseddatelem Central Muslim Military Collegium of the SSC. Directed formation of Muslim units of the Red Army. Since July, the extraordinary commissioner for food in the Volga region. August 4, arrived in Kazan, the most dangerous for the Soviet power section of the Eastern Front, to mobilize forces. After the capture of Kazan white 7 August and was captured by the verdict of the court-martial was shot.