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Date of birth: 01.08.1949

Age: 67

Place of birth: Dragasani

Citizenship: Romania


Mugur Born in Dragasani, Romania (Dragasani, Valcea County, Romania). In 1971 he graduated from the Bucharest Academy of Economics (Academy of Economic Studies), and then 19 years in the Institute for International Economics (Institute of International Economics).

After the Romanian Revolution of 1989 Isarescu received the post in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Soon he was transferred to the Romanian Embassy in the United States.

In September 1990, Mugur took over the reins of the National Bank of Romania; He remains in this position Isarescu and seyden. Governor of the Bank he does not stretch - 16 December 1999 Mugur became Prime Minister of Romania and the Head of the chair left bank. However, Prime Minister Isarescu stayed only a year - in November 2000, a coalition government lost the elections and Mugur was forced to leave the occupied post. Attempting to run for the presidency has given nothing - elections Isarescu lost miserably, being in the final standings on the 4th place with 9% of the vote.

After a failed political career Mugur back into the economy, again leading the National Bank Rumynii.Nesmotrya a fairly short period of time as prime minister, Isarescu is sometimes called the founder of the Romanian reforms continued by later Adrian Nastase (Adrian Nastase) and Calin Popescu-Tariceanu (C & # 259; lin Popescu-T & # 259; riceanu). It Mugure at 15 February 2000, Romania began formal negotiations with the EU (European Union). As a control National Bank Isarescu strong influence on the economy of the country - that allows many and call him `secret prime ministrom` today.

Over the long term the Board Bank Mugur created quite harmonious management system - allowing, among other things, to leave the bank full independence from the Romanian government. Some sources claim that decisive action leadership of the National Bank of Romania allowed to stand on their feet and not to sink, like Bulgaria (Bulgaria), into the abyss of financial crisis.

Mugur is a member of the Club of Rome (Club of Rome) and the Trilateral Commission (Trilateral Commission). He Knight Grand Cross Order of the Star of Romania (Grand Cross of the Order of the Star of Romania).

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