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This command can be called from Seattle grunge ancestors and although it has not received such fame as "Nirvana" and "Soundgarden",these guys were at the beginnings of a new style, which gave impetus to " alternative". History "Mudhoney" dates back to 1980, when Mark McLaughlin on Arm nickname with his classmates formed his first band, "Mr. Epp and the Calculations".

After three years in the gang he had a second guitarist, Steve Turner.After the collapse of the team, Mark and Steve continued to play together in a pile of other groups. Finally, they came up with the idea to create something special in 1988, and then with the participation of bassist Dan Peters and drummer Matt Lakin project "Mudhoney" was formed (the name was taken from the movie Meyer Ross) . The band`s style is a mixture of punk and garage rock, spiced with the sound a la "Stooges". Nothing good from this cocktail could be expected and Turner thought that the team with the sound will last no more than six months. Meanwhile, the indie Leble "Sub Pop" the debut single from the cover of "Touch Me, I`m Sick" from "Sonic youth".After him followed EP "Superfuzz Bigmuff".

Mudhoney band went on an American tour, but the tour went almost unnoticed. Then the label tried to send musicians with concerts in Europe, but there they were particularly no one expected. Only when "Sonic youth" asked "Mudhoney" to keep them company in the UK tour ,a group finally noticed the British rock press. "Superfuzz Bigmuff" got in there the indie charts and stayed with them for six months. The fame of the team and has spread to Europe, and in 1989 made possible the release of the first full-length album. On the wave of success "Mudhoney" their label began to untwist other Seattle grunge teamthe most famous of which was the "Nirvana".

Now in the light of the glory of " Nirvana " virtually all groups of Seattle began to offer contracts majeure labels. No exception "Mudhoney", who decided to deal with the "Reprise / Warner Bros". " Major " presence had no effect on the style of the group and the album "Piece of Cake" was made in the same vein ,as previous work.

Mudhoney However, audience attention was drawn to the leaders of the direction - "Nirvana", "Soundgarden" and "Pearl Jam". Despite the fact that the team released on the "Reprise" a couple of beautiful album "My Brother the Cow" and "Tomorrow Hit Today", "Mudhoney" still remained in the shadow of his famous colleagues. In 1999, after the global American tour group was expelled from the major label because its management failed to meet its sales records. Soon, unhappy with the current turn of affairs, Matt Lakin announced his departure from the team. After the release of the compilation "March to Fuzz", many observers began to predict the end of the band `s career, but in 2001, "Mudhoney" appeared on several dates, taking into its ranks bassist Steve Dukic.

That, however, did not last long, and the new official member of the group became Guy Maddison. Arm and Turner for some time having fun in side projects ,but then focus on their core team, and in the summer of 2002 released another album titled "Since We`ve Become Translucent".

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Mudhoney picture
Mudhoney photo
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