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Year of birth : 1986

Age: 29 years

Place of birth : New Jersey

Citizenship : United States


"Mucky Pup" Hardcore Project was born somewhere in the mid- 80s in New Jersey. At the root of the group were two people - guitarist Dan Nastasi and drummer John Milnes. A little later these guys joined Lepeydzh Scott (bass) from "Hades" and John`s brother Chris, who took over the vocal duties.

For a long time, "Mucky Pup" cooked in its own juice, and the most significant event for them during that period was the participation in the local Newthe Jersey event called "Battle-of-the-Bands". Finally the boys matured before having to record a couple of demos.

The fruits of their labor, and become musicians rastirazhirovali vparivat demo right and left, mainly by selling them at concerts. Bottom line this commercial activity was as follows - only managed to attach makipapovtsam 1,200 copies. Mucky PupNakonets in 1987, the team managed to get a contract from "Torrid records". It happened because the team won the competition "Bloom County", to write a song for him "You Stink But I Love You". Also in 1987, released their debut album, "Can`t you take a joke?", Filled maloprimechatelnym hardcore. But "Mucky Pup" lucky in the sense ,that "Torrid records" spread their albums in Europe, through the mediation of "Roadrunner". In the United States "Can`t you take a joke?" It remained almost unnoticed, but on the other side of the Atlantic have paid some attention to it, and found there the record of his listeners.

Therefore, the first visit to Europe in 1987 ,artist often visited this part of the world over the next three years. Until 1992, the "Mucky Pup" released a couple of mediocre disc, and only gave birth to something more or less decent.

Mucky PupS output "Act of faith" for the team drew attention of "Century media" and predlozhilikollektivu contract. Under pressure from the label was made bias towards the melody, which is not very much welcomed by the already scanty fans of the band. "Mucky Pup" has never been particularly stable structure, and in 1993 lost one of the major players Dan Nastasi, served in "Dog eat dog". Instead, he picked up a guitar, Mark Debaker ,to perform the duties of a bassist, but castling was unsuccessful, and things went from bad to worse.

In 1996, " Dirty puppies " baked last pancake called "Five Guys In A Really Hot Garage" and soon after fled in different directions. In the late 90 `s and early new millennium happened several reunions "Mucky Pup",but they were all short-lived.

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