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Year of birth : 2008

Age: 7 years

Place of Birth : Seattle, Washington, USA

Citizenship : United States

Art becomes known

`Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band` - a popular American indie rock band formed in 2008 in Seattle, Washington (Seattle, Washington). The leader of the group is Verdouz Benjamin (Benjamin Verdoes),which is also known for his solo indie - folk and indie -rock works.

Since its inception in 2008, the year `Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band` passed, it seems, all the stages of development and turned out as the most vertices, and at the very bottom. The eternal search for sponsors, the independent recording of the album, the first success, changes in the composition, a tour of America,sabbatical, Second Life - this is only part of what is experienced on the skin musicians, however, as they said in an interview, they believe it is only the beginning. ` Group would have long ago collapsed if it did not know how to correct mistakes, to grow and develop constantly - think musicians - so there is no reason to suppose ,that development must somehow result in and put an end to our rabote`. Today `Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band` released two full-length albums, several mini - albums, they took 4 videos on the songs, and won the love of indie rock fans on all continents. Critics also very positive attitude to the work of the group, noting ,however, that his band`s sound more suited to the Canadian scene.

Although the group was founded in the year 2008, some of the participants - Benjamin Verdouz Matthew Demmer (Matthew Dammer) and

Jared Price (Jared Price) - were known in Seattle for the group `In Praise of Folly`. Younger half-brother Ben Marshall (Marshall Verdoes),I was crazy about the idea of playing in a band, but his own team he was allowed to set up only in the case if it is heavily engaged in the drum kit. Thus, in 2008, the year it was founded `Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band`, in the which he entered, Marshall, Ben with your friends and their common friend Traci Eggleston (Traci Eggleston).After writing the first songs the band reached an impasse : they were sure that they find a single label that he wanted to sign a contract with a young team, and performances at the big festivals require at least some fame. We decided that the problem of original musicians : passing through friends the news of the arrival of the popular ` gruppy` in the city ,they also gave the announcement of ` World premere` in Seattle, which allowed them to sell the most tickets for the first concert. Subsequently `Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band` maintained communication with fans on social networks, as well as participated in various projects in order to attract attention. So,during the first months muzykantydazhe gave awkward public appearances in the same purpose - to attract attention. Ironically, such an aggressive advertising not only turned away from the fans `Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band`, but on the contrary it has managed to become the trump card of the group.

In 2008, the band presented their debut mini - album `Weepy`,released independently, but brought them a contract with the label `Dead Oceans`. Thanks to the financial support of a professional label group was able to submit a self-titled mini-album for a few months `Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band`. The next two albums - `Where the Messengers Meet` in 2010 and ` Prehistory` in 2012-m - were also released on the label `Dead Oceans`.

Over the years, musicians on the stage gave hundreds of recitals in North America (North America), and also shared the platform with other groups, such as `Bishop Allen`,` Cursive`, `Frog Eyes`,` Japandroids`, `The Globes`, `The Growlers` and many others. To date, as is known,musicians are working on a new album, the release of information which, however, has not yet been reported.

In 2014 Ben presented his solo album `The Evil Eye` 14`

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Mt  St  Helens Vietnam Band picture
Mt  St  Helens Vietnam Band photo
Mt  St  Helens Vietnam Band image
Mt  St  Helens Vietnam Band pic
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Mt  St  Helens Vietnam Band picture
Mt  St  Helens Vietnam Band picture
Mt  St  Helens Vietnam Band picture
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