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Year of birth : 1985

Age: 30 years

Birthplace : Berkeley, California, USA

Citizenship : United States


American punk rock band formed in 1985 in Berkeley, California (Berkeley, California),which is currently being written to `Lookout! Records`. The band recorded 10 full studio albums, released numerous singles and EPs and toured around the world. Their music falls under the definition of pop-punk sounds and vivid, sometimes funny, sometimes satirical. In their songs,the musicians often discuss the theme of love and relationships. The name of the group is obliged to actor and television celebrity Mr. T (Mr. T), which has played dozens of roles in films and television series.

The main driving force behind the group `The Mr. T Experience` is a singer and guitarist Frank Portman (Frank Portman),who performs under the pseudonym Dr. Frank (Dr. Frank). He says the bulk of the songs of the team and is the only original members among the ever-changing group of members. The team is closely linked with the punk rock movement in Berkeley and the entire San Francisco Bay Area (San Francisco Bay Area) 80s and 90s of the last century,rotating around the label `Lookout! Records`, whereby `The Mr. T Experience` released all their albums since 1990. They are contemporaries, and often close acquaintances of other groups that came from the same movements, among them - `Green Day`,` Operation Ivy`, `Rancid`,` Jawbreaker`, `The Donnas`,` Tilt` and `NOFX `. For musicians the last 15 years of `The Mr. T Experience` were, Toured and recorded on the same label with many of these groups. They also experienced a significant influence of the New York rock band `Ramones`, which is guessed in the early and late in the team records.

Before the formation of `The Mr.T Experience` Frank Portman and Stamatatos Byron (Byron Stamatatos), who studied in high school, We played together in `Bent Nails` group. They continued to keep in touch after Portman moved to study at the University of California at Berkeley (The University of California, Berkeley), where Frank met John von Zelovitsem (Jon Von Zelowitz),who was a DJ on the university radio station. Another former member of the band, Alex Laypeneyks (Alex Laipeneiks) was a school friend of his younger brother Portman. In the summer of 1985, the band was composed of four members - vocalist and guitarist Portman and Zelovitsa, bassist and drummer Stamatatosa Laypeneyksa,and a year later they released their debut album `Everybody`s Entitled to Their Own Opinion`. Rotation at the university radio and small tours helped the team to achieve popularity.

Some of the compositions of the group have been used as the soundtrack to the movie `Glitter slavy` (Glory Daze, 1996) with the young Ben Affleck (Ben Affleck).The film takes place in Santa Cruz, California (Santa Cruz, California), and the soundtrack of hit music of many punk rock bands mid-90s in Southern California. Songs by the group `I Just Wanna Do it With You` and` Even Hitler Had a Girlfriend` later came out as part of the official soundtrack of the film. Besides,in a scene from the party the main characters of the film as a musical group performing a cover version of the song `Now We Are Twenty-One`, also wrote` The Mr. T Experience`.

The band`s latest album, `Yesterday Rules`, released in 2004, and since 2005 ,` The Mr. T Experience` considered relatively inactive,as Frank Portman became interested in writing activities, publishing several novels, and pays less attention to the music business.

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