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Place of Birth : Phoenix, United States

Citizenship : United States

BiographyCommunity Product session musicians in Los Angeles (which also were the founders of a more rigid pop-rock Toto teams) , Mr. Mister experienced a short but intense surge of popularity in the mid-80s, playing a variation of soft progressive rock -oriented radio audience. Despite the fact that they also suddenly disappeared ,as they appeared on the music scene, some of their songs, such as "Broken Wings" and "Kyrie" have become classics of the `80s.

Mr. Mister was formed in 1982 by childhood friends from the American city of Phoenix (Arizona) , vocalist / bassist Richard Paige (Richard Page) and keyboardist / backing vocalist Steve George (Steve George).Both previously played together in a jazz - fusion project Pages, recorded three long play (the latter was more pop -rock) . Bad album sales, the constant line-up changes and a lack of leadership led to the collapse of the team at the end of 1981 and Page and George returned to its sessional activitiesthey unsuccessfully engaged to work in Pages (they were backing vocalists Village People, and others.) .

Friends wrote songs and worked in support groups for such well-known artists such as REO Speedwagon, John Parr, Chaka Khan, the Pointer Sisters, Donna Summer, Al Jarreau and Kenny Loggins.To create the group thought they pushed tour with Andy Gibb. The first to the team joined guitarist Steve Farris (Steve Farris), who previously worked with Eddie Money, next was the drummer Pat Mastelloto (Pat Mastelotto), worked closely with producer Mike Chapman (Mike Chapman). Page`s cousin John Lang (John Lang),already wrote lyrics for songs as his cousin was called to work together. Mr. Mister gave several successful concerts, through which quickly entered into a contract with RCA.

Debut album newly- group I Wear the Face was released in 1984 and contained a single Chartova "Hunters of the Night",which Tor40 but not his way. Proceeds from its sale it was unimportant, making subsequent breakout Mr. Mister real surprise for everyone. Welcome to the Real World will be available in May 1985, it showed a mixture of pop-rock in the style of the Genesis, exquisite structure keyboards, soulful lyrics and high-quality studio work. Paige refused offers to join a very popular then Toto and Chicago, full of faith in the future of the project. His expectations were rewarded : the first single, "Broken Wings" from the album by the end of the year has been on top of the charts at home and in Europe. Intensive touring band in the same year also took their toll : Mr.Mister nominated for Gremmmi as the best vocal pop group.

The single "Kyrie" from the next release of Welcome to the Real World team, was released in March 1986, quickly ascended to first place in the charts on both sides of the ocean, and the disk album topped the charts and went platinum. Another song "Is It Love" hit the Top10 ,and the apotheosis of the success of the group can be considered as they appear in many prestigious music competitions and charity concerts.

Work on the fourth (and last official) album hampered by ill health Mastelloto (he had back problems) . Once the composition were selected for the disc, a staff lyricist Lang went to NewYork for admission to graduate school (? !) . Go On was released in late 1987, its main single, "Something Real" (Inside Me / Inside You) barely overcame the lower bar Tor30, despite the emergence of the songs in the popular TV series " Miami Vice " (Miami Vice) with Don Johnson in the title role. "Healing Waters" was generally only released in Europe,but still won the Grammy in the category " Best Performance of the Gospel. " The composition of "Stand and Deliver" was originally written for Tina Turner (Tina Turner), it was used in the film of Edward James Olmos.

Despite these successes, Go On was unable to repeat the success of its predecessor.Begun differences between Page and Farris led to the exit of the last of Mr. Mister in July 1988. Permanent replacement he was not looking, limited means of Trevor Rabin (Trevor Rabin) and Buzzy Veit (Buzzy Feiten) in studio recordings that were supposed to make a fourth album (project name Pull).Recorded material is not like RCA managers, who considered it a non-profit, and broke the contract with the group. No other label has not released an album that has remained officially published. In late 1989 Mr. Mister disintegrated.

Further activities of members of the group indicated that they do not tend to rest on their laurels. Mastelloto later worked drums in XTC. With his participation, their most successful album Oranges and Lemons was recorded, and others. In 1994, he joined the legendary King Crimson, and also played in Mastica team, performing progressive experimental rock.

Paige was a co-author of the hit ballad 1994 "I`ll Remember",Madonna performed. In the same year, together with its producer Patrick Leonard (Patrick Leonard), he formed a band Third Matinee. They released one album, but after a short time decayed and Paige recorded his solo album Shelter Me, (1996) In the end, along with other famous vocal masters, he settled on the Disney musicals.Lange skolotil post - grunge command Djinn, vypustivsuu Radio Beirut (1995) . George worked muzykal?nym director Kenny Loggins (Kenny Loggins) with 1991 by 1997 year and in posledstvii toured with Jewel. Farris ucastvoval the Whitesnake tour in 1997, and also was recorded by Tori Amos, 4 Non Blondes and others.


1984 I Wear the Face (RCA) 1985 Welcome to the Real World (RCA)

1987 Go On (RCA)

1988/1989 Pull (Officially unreleased)

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