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Year of birth : 1985

Age: 30 years

Place of birth : Eureka, California, USA

Citizenship : United States


Group "Mr. Bungle" was formed in 1985 in the California town of Eureka. The original lineup included bassist Trevor Dunn, vocalist Mike Patton ,guitarist Trey Spruance and drummer Jed Watts.

gang title borrowed from a character from "The Pee Wee Herman Show", a clown with bad manners, Educational diligent students how not to behave. The first demo in 1986, "The raging wrath of the Easter Bunny", was a death, stuffed with sounds of bongos, locomotive whistles ,saxophones and kazoo.

The following year, "Mr. Bungle" prepared two versions of the film titled "Bowel of Chiley", intended mainly for local radio stations. This creation is radically different from the "The raging. .." and contained a mix of ska, swing and funk. By this time, Watts took place Hans Wagner, and, moreover,team joined trumpeters Scott Fritz and Theo Lengyel.

Mr. BungleV 1988, Fritz was replaced by Luke Miller, and updated team has released another demo. "Goddammit I love America!" It was like "Bowel of Chiley", but was somewhat more dense sound. Either way, this opus pushed "Mr. Bungle" on the road to to the major contract. In 1989-m team issued a final demo, which debuted drummer Danny Heifetz and saxophonist Clinton " Bar " McKinnon. On "OU818" sound much heavier, and the elements of ska on the backburner.

The group has gained a lot of fans in Northern California, and after Patton joined the "Faith no more", "Mr. Bungle" were under the roof "Warner bros.Records ". The debut record, based on the material of " OU818 ", was attributed by critics to the category " Disc bought up funk-metal. " Well, and the team in the meantime successfully toured North America.

Mr. BungleIz the many side projects, which involved musicians, the second full-length appeared only in October 1995. "Disco Volante" consisted entirely of new songs, which could uslyshatraznoobraznye styles such as jazz, death metal, techno and even tango ! The tour in support of the album (with percussionist William Winant) took place in North America, Europe and Australia, where "Mr. Bungle" took particular heat. It took another three years ,before Californian musicians honored for another LP. At this point, Theo Lengyel has already managed to leave the band due to creative differences, so that the "California" was recorded without his participation.

The release was marred by quarrels between the record company and distributor `s refusal to drive the spread outside of America. In this regard, the team was forced to wander in its first continent, and only in the spring of 2000 he managed to escape to Australia, and then in Europe. After the tour, the band went to the head in side projects, and the future "Mr. Bungle" turned out to be a big question.

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