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Year of birth : 1969

Age: 46 years

Place of birth : Long Island, New York, USA

Citizenship : United States

Biography"Mountain" was founded in 1968, is quite well-known at the time a producer Felix Pappalardi (working with "Cream" and Joan Baez) and guitarist and singer Leslie by West (Leslie Weinstein) . They met when Leslie, having gone from "Vagrants", tried to record a solo album, and Felix started his produce.

Collaboration them so inspired ,they decided to form their own team. Calling her "Mountain", they took to him a drummer Al Dee Smart and keyboardist Norman Landsberg. The style of the newly formed group is not much different from the music "Cream". In 1969 it took place the most significant performance of the team, which was held at the legendary Woodstock festival. Shortly after this event, Smart was replaced by Corky Laing, and after that on the site of Landsberg turned Steve Knight. In this structure, and byda recorded the first EP "Mountain Climbing".

The disc broke into the American charts and received a "gold" due to hit hard rock composition "Mississippi Queen".Equally successful was the album "Nantucket Sleighride", caught on the 16th place in shtatovskih charts. The theme song of the same name has long been a saver to the popular American television program "World in action".

MountainOdnako plate 1972 "Flowers Of Evil" was not as successful as her predecessors.As a result, after the release of a live album the group was disbanded. Pappalardi returned to his producing activities, and West and Laing, to cooperate with the former bassist "Cream" Jack Bruce, founded the "West, Bruce & Laing" project.This team managed to release as many as three drive before West with Pappalardi tried to revive the "Mountain" at the end of 1973. To this village they invited a session drummer and keyboardist Allen Schwartzberg Robert Mann. After the Japanese tour group in America was released live album "Twin Peaks".only three years, appeared in England the same album later. Successfully having played a series of concerts Schwartzberg and Mann left the team.

Then Pappalardi took up keyboards and guitar gave the newcomer David Perry. West, meanwhile, managed to stir up another "Wild West band" side project. In 1974, the "Mountain" wrote another studiynik ,"Avalanche", but the album did not hit the charts, and the team was again dissolved.

Mountain. Felix PappalardiPappalardi founded the group "Creation", which has released a couple of records

And West started his solo career, sometimes teaming up with Laing to play live or record anything nibudb. In 1981, the fat man, Leslie began to talk aboutthat would be nice to revive the "Mountain" in its classic lineup and the case has been passed to, but tragedy struck. In April 1983, Pappalardi was killed by his wife. However, a couple of years later, West and Laing still revived group, taking to himself in the company of bassist Mark Clark. With him they recorded the album "Go For Your Life" and made a very successful tour in harness with "Deep purple", than once again awakened the interest of the public. By 1988, the collective work come to nothing again, as the West once again became interested in solo works. Laing was appointed Vice- 1989president of the Canadian branch of the company "A & R".

Their paths crossed again when they came to record the album "Man`s World" in 1996 - m. Another of their union took place in 2001, when musicians, taking with him bassist Richie Scarlet, a ride with concerts in Europe.

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